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Annota PDF con strumenti di marcatura del testo

Nitro Pro offre strumenti di markup per attirare l'attenzione sul testo che richiede una revisione. Questi strumenti sono un modo utile per combinare feedback o commenti con ogni markup.

When you print a PDF file, you can make all text mark-up visible or hidden.

Per ulteriori informazioni, vedere Livello annotazione e livello contenuto content .

To mark-up text:

1. On the Review tab, in the Markup group, click the arrow under Markup Text, and select one of the following buttons:

  • Evidenziare
  • Cross-out
  • Sottolineatura
  • Sostituire

2. Select individual words or a block of text to mark-up. The marquee selection is useful for text that is justified in vertical columns.

3. Double-click the new mark-up to add comments to the annotation.

4. Press the x button at the top of the pop-up note to close it.

To delete mark-up:

- Do one of the following:

  • Right-click the Hand or Select tool on the annotation, and select Delete from the menu
  • Click the Hand or Select tool on the mark-up you want to delete. A bounding-box appears to indicate that it is selected. Press Delete.

Tip: You can apply more than one type of mark on the same block of text. For example, text can be highlighted and underlined.

To edit mark-up properties:

1. Right-click the annotation or the mark-up text

2. Select Properties. A properties dialog appears, with the following tabs:

  • General: edit the Author and Subject details of the annotation
  • Appearance: modify the visual characteristics of the mark-up

3. Click Close to save your changes

Punta: To make all of your future markups look the same as the current one, right-click the annotation and select Make Current Properties Default

To reply to an annotation:

  1. If the annotation is hidden, double-click on the marked-up text to view the annotation text-box
  2. Click on the Options menu in the text-field, and select Reply
  3. Write your reply in the message-box that appears inside the original mark-up

Punta: You can insert more than one reply, allowing you to build a message thread inside an annotation.

To delete a mark-up:

- Right-click on the mark-up, and select Delete

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