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Nitro Sign per SharePoint Online

Flussi di lavoro end-to-end di firma elettronica per i documenti SharePoint.

The Nitro Sign integration for SharePoint Online brings end-to-end eSigning functionality into your organization’s SharePoint sites, allowing users to sign documents, request signatures, track the status of signature requests, and view signed documents—all without ever leaving SharePoint.

Come funziona:

The Nitro Sign app appears in SharePoint’s top navigation bar. After selecting their document, users can kick off the signing process by choosing the desired workflow from the Nitro Sign dropdown. All activity takes place in the context of SharePoint, for a streamlined, distraction-free experience.


Help users save time and stay organized

Keep documents where they’re most useful: No more frantically searching through email attachments or desktop icons for the right version of an important file—Nitro Sign for SharePoint Online brings the power of eSigning into SharePoint itself. No risk of versioning issues, and no file shuffling necessary!

Help users stay focused: Nitro Sign for SharePoint Online enables users to complete their eSigning workflows end-to-end without switching apps. Users can move uninterrupted from preparing and editing a document to sending it for eSignature and tracking the status. Signed documents automatically get saved to a SharePoint folder, to a SharePoint folder, too.

Expand visibility into eSigning processes: Everybody with access to a given SharePoint site can track the status of sent signature requests and access signed documents, so teams can avoid losing time if a teammate is unavailable. Nitro Sign for SharePoint Online is included in Enterprise plans. Find the Nitro Sign app in the Microsoft Store to get started!

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