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No Safety, Know Pain: Nitro Pro with RMS Webinar


The new quarter is approaching, and you’ve been tasked with mapping out the budget for this segment of the year. Having finalized the figures, you save your gargantuan file to the shared drive (it’s too large for email!) and notify your organization’s finance director that it’s there and ready for sign-off.

Two days later, said director marches over to your desk—telling you that your numbers are completely off the mark and that your job is on the line. You pull up the file and realize, to your horror, that your beautiful budget has been tampered with. How did this happen?

At the rate documents are shared within businesses, it’s not difficult for private information, like a quarterly budget, to fall into the wrong hands. So how exactly does one ensure that their files are secure?

We recently hosted a webinar that highlighted the integration between Nitro Pro and Microsoft Rights Management Services (RMS)—an identity-based document security solution that protects the exchange of PDF files, while also regulating document access. In this scenario, RMS would have enabled only you and the finance director to access the file through personalized logins—removing the possibility of outside interference altogether.

If you haven’t yet watched the webinar, you can do so here. Document security and peace of mind await!