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Aggiornamento Nitro Pro: versione 9 . 0 . 5 . 9


Nitro Pro was pushed live to users yesterday. The following Nitro Pro updates are included in this release: New Features: Application appearance now enables adjustments to the Nitro theme color …

Nitro Pro 9 . 0 . 5 . 9 stato pubblicato ieri per gli utenti. I seguenti aggiornamenti di Nitro Pro sono inclusi in questa versione:

Nuove caratteristiche:

  • Application appearance now enables adjustments to the Nitro theme color


  • SharePoint is now supported within Nitro Pro 9 via Swiftwriter plugin
  • Outlook add-ins are now localized
  • Image printing optimizations have been made

Resolved issues:

  • Worksite documents remain checked out when using the “Combine Files” feature
  • Quicksign falsely detects video capture devices for Citrix users
  • Slow scroll speed on network documents that have been digitally signed
  • German characters and symbols not rendering correctly
  • Splash screen not centered at 200% DPI
  • Save As  function not repairing damaged documents
  • User application data did not transfer when upgrading to Nitro Pro 9

Downloading and updating can be achieved manually through the download page:

Update Manager is delivering notifications with the product through ‘Check for updates’ to the following versions

  • Nitro Pro 9 – not currently available
  • Nitro Pro 8 (Lenovo) – updating to
  • Nitro Pro 8 – updating to
  • Nitro Pro 7 (Lenovo) – updating to
  • Nitro Pro 7 – updating to
  • Nitro Reader – updating to
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