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Nitro Pro Update: Version


Nitro Pro was pushed live to users on August 8th. The following Nitro Pro updates and improvements are now available:

  • Worksite will now properly save documents with special characters
  • Scanned documents can now be physically printed
  • General bug fixes were made

For individual licenses, downloading and updating can be achieved manually through the download page here:

Nitro Enterprise customers can update using their Enterprise installer links. Please contact your account executive with any questions.

Update manager is now delivering notifications within the product through “Check for Updates” to the following versions:

Nitro Pro 9.5.1 via Silent Updates >Updating to

Nitro Pro 9.0 through > No Upgrade Notification

Nitro Pro 8 (Lenovo) >Updating to

Nitro Pro 8 > Updating to

Nitro Pro 7 (Lenovo) > Updating to

Nitro Pro 7 > Updating to

Nitro Reader > Updating to