AdminPulse is the online office management solution for accountants, bookkeepers and auditors.

Digitally sign your accounting documents from directly within AdminPulse

More and more accountants, bookkeepers and auditors are taking the digital path. Nitro and AdminPulse offer you the option to have your mission letters, contracts, anti money laundering documents and UBO form all digitally signed at the end of your workflow, without having to leave the CRM.
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Never leave AdminPulse to have your documents signed

With Nitro Sign in AdminPulse, you remain in the AdminPulse environment to setup the signing process. There is no need to consult an external portal, every detail can be set up in the CRM and be sent for signing right after.

NOTE: Connective is now a Nitro Company. The Connective branding in the video above depicts the recently rebranded Nitro Sign offering.

Key Features

GDPR Compliant
Sign multiple document packages at once
Include multiple signers and agreement recipients
Track the signing process and send 'nudge' reminders
Apply internationally accepted signing methods including qualified signatures.
Compliant with eIDAS, Swiss law, Singapore law, Hong Kong Law, UETA and eSIGN ACT
Apply parallel, sequential or custom signing order workflows
Ensure you're in good order according to ITAA rules
Enable your signers to reassign to the correct person within the organization
Start using digital signatures in AdminPulse today.
And get all your documents signed in no time!