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The Layers Pane

The Layers Pane appears in the navigation side-bar when you open a PDF file that contains OCG (Optional Content Group) layers.

The Layers Pane lets you toggle the view of each OCG layer in the PDF file. You can also view the layer properties as they were designed by the author of the document.

The visibility state of layers is saved in the PDF file. When you view the PDF file later, or share it with someone else, it provides your saved view of layers.

When you print a PDF file, only the layers that you make visible at the time are printed. For example, a PDF file with CAD plans can have different layers for different views; or you may use different layers for languages - one layer for English, one for German, and so on.

How to view the Layers pane:

  1. Open a PDF file that contain OCG layers
  2. Click the Layers tab on the side-bar. The Layers Pane appears.

How to show or hide an OCG layer:

In the Layers Pane, do any of the following:

  • Check or un-check the checkbox beside a layer
  • Right-click a layer, and select Show Layer or Hide Layer

Nota: To print a PDF file with the changes you made to its layers, in the File menu click Save after changing the view-state of the layers.

How to reset a layer to its default state:

Right-click a layer, and select Reset To Initial Visibility

How to expand or collapse the layer-tree:

Right-click anywhere in the Layers Pane, and select Expand All or Collapse All

Nota: The layer-tree is specific to PDF files designed with nested OCG layers.

For more information on how to define OCG object properties, see OCG object.

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