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Identificaciones digitales

Una identificación digital es muy similar a una identificación en papel, como un pasaporte. Puede probar quién es usted y otorgarle derechos especiales para hacer determinadas cosas. En Nitro Pro, su identificación digital puede permitirle hacer sus archivos PDF a prueba de manipulaciones, así como brindarle acceso especial a archivos de usuarios que hayan aprobado su identificación digital. Cuando protege un documento, puede cambiar los derechos de acceso y uso usuario por usuario.

Digital IDs have a public and private key. The public key contains a certificate and identifying information, and this is what you share with other users. Once other users have your public key, they can secure (encrypt) documents that you may be able to access and use. The private key is the part of the digital ID that is never shared, and is the part of the ID that unlocks (decrypts) files to which you have been granted access.

Nitro Pro supports the use of the following types of digital IDs:

  • PKCS#12 digital ID file. This type of digital ID is more flexible because you can use the same ID on multiple computers. For example, if you had an office workstation and a notebook with the same certificate installed, you could open the same secured PDF file on both computers. The digital ID remains secure when moved between computers, since you must enter a password when you import it to your My Digital IDs.
  • Windows Certificate Store. This type of digital certificate locks the ID to a user on a particular computer and cannot be copied and imported to another computer.
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