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Create a Text Field in a PDF

The most common field type on PDF forms is the text field. Text fields permit respondents to add alpha text and/or numeric values. You can format text fields in a number of different ways to ensure fields are completed properly. You can add custom format scripts, validate data, assign actions, and perform calculations on text fields.

How to add a text field:

1 . Abra el PDF en Nitro Pro.

2. On the Forms ribbon, in the Form Fields group, click Text Field.

3 . En la página, arrastre el puntero al lugar donde desea que aparezca el campo.

4. Double-click or right-click on the field and do one of the following (depending on your preferences):

  • En la pestaña de contexto Propiedades , asigne un nombre al campo y establezca su configuración de apariencia.
  • En el cuadro de diálogo Propiedades , asigne un nombre al campo y establezca su configuración de apariencia.

5 . Realice una de las siguientes acciones:

  • Si está utilizando la pestaña de contexto Propiedades , en el grupo Más , haga clic en Propiedades y luego en Opciones.
  • Si está utilizando el cuadro de diálogo Propiedades , haga clic en la pestaña Opciones.

6. Click Alignment and select from drop down menu items text alignment for left, center, or right.

7. Add text in the Default Value box if you want text to appear as a default for the field. Something like a zip code or country might be used where most of your respondents are likely to come from the area you add for the default text

8. For the Use Field For options, select one of the following:

  • Standard input: for a field that will allow the user to enter plain text
  • Password: for a field that will act as en entry field for a password
  • File seclection: for a field that will accept a file loaded from the user’s computer

9. Check Multi-line if you want the text to appear on multiple lines and check Scroll long text to have the text scroll in a box.

10. Click Limit of characters and enter the number of characters you want to limit a response to. Something like a zip code would work here.

11. Check Comb of Characters to create a comb field. (Note: You must turn off all other checkboxes to use this feature.) Comb fields are designed for characters to be added in individual boxes. The number of boxes are defined in the text box that appears after you check the Comb of Characters box.

12. Format. If you want a format other than text, such as a date or custom format, then choose an option from the Select format category drop down menu.

13. Validate. If you want the field data to be validated, you need to know JavaScript. Check Use custom validation script and type the JavaScript code to validate the field data.

14. Calculate. If the field is to be calculated, check an option for calculating data.

Cómo editar un campo de texto:

1 . Abra el PDF en Nitro Pro.

2 . En la cinta Formulario , en el grupo Campos de formulario , realice una de las siguientes acciones:

  • Haga clic en el tipo de campo que corresponde al campo que desea editar.
  • Haga clic en Seleccionar campos.

3 . Haga doble clic en el campo para comenzar a editar sus atributos.

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