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Anotar PDF con herramientas de marcado de texto

Nitro Pro cuenta con herramientas de marcado para ayudarlo a llamar la atención sobre el texto que requiere revisión. Estas herramientas son una forma útil de combinar retroalimentación o comentarios con cada marca.

When you print a PDF file, you can make all text mark-up visible or hidden.

Para más información, ver Capa de anotación y capa de contenido .

To mark-up text:

1. On the Review tab, in the Markup group, click the arrow under Markup Text, and select one of the following buttons:

  • Destacar
  • Cross-out
  • Subrayar
  • Reemplazar

2. Select individual words or a block of text to mark-up. The marquee selection is useful for text that is justified in vertical columns.

3. Double-click the new mark-up to add comments to the annotation.

4. Press the x button at the top of the pop-up note to close it.

To delete mark-up:

- Do one of the following:

  • Right-click the Hand or Select tool on the annotation, and select Delete from the menu
  • Click the Hand or Select tool on the mark-up you want to delete. A bounding-box appears to indicate that it is selected. Press Delete.

Tip: You can apply more than one type of mark on the same block of text. For example, text can be highlighted and underlined.

To edit mark-up properties:

1. Right-click the annotation or the mark-up text

2. Select Properties. A properties dialog appears, with the following tabs:

  • General: edit the Author and Subject details of the annotation
  • Appearance: modify the visual characteristics of the mark-up

3. Click Close to save your changes

Punta: To make all of your future markups look the same as the current one, right-click the annotation and select Make Current Properties Default

To reply to an annotation:

  1. If the annotation is hidden, double-click on the marked-up text to view the annotation text-box
  2. Click on the Options menu in the text-field, and select Reply
  3. Write your reply in the message-box that appears inside the original mark-up

Punta: You can insert more than one reply, allowing you to build a message thread inside an annotation.

To delete a mark-up:

- Right-click on the mark-up, and select Delete

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