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#NitroProud: CEO Sam Chandler Wins the EY Australia Entrepreneur of the Year Award – Emerging Category
Set against a backdrop of a grand brass band, sumptuous lights and applause, Nitro CEO Sam Chandler took to the stage at Crown Palladium in Melbourne last night to accept his award as the national emerging category winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, from Australian sporting legend and Tour de France winner, Cadel Evans.
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Juggling Wombats at Nitro Unwind
Wheelbarrows brimming with cold craft beer and bubbly, a pair of gorgeous wellness therapists, custom Nitro icy poles, and a club DJ helped transform Nitro’s Australian office into the ultimate …

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CEO and founder

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3Tendencias que dan forma al futuro del trabajo
noviembre17 ,202010 :00 SOY
COVID-19-19 ha puesto el mundo patas arriba y, a su vez, ha cambiado por completo la forma en que trabajamos. Es seguro decir que probablemente nunca volveremos a la9 -para-5
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Eric Nelson

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This is part 2 of 5 in our change management research series.
This is part 5 of 5 in our change management research series.
7 Facts Rethink Document Management.
Have you ever wondered about the impact your document processes have on your day-to-day life?
7 razones para digitalizarse al 100 % con Nitro
Descubre por qué tantas empresas confían en Nitro para dinamizar su digitalización.
5 Surprising Uses for PDF Software
You might not consider working with PDF software to be an exciting way to spend your time.

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To do or Get done?
Which list is better
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PDF Tags: Are your PDF documents accessible?
What makes a PDF display correctly for a mobile device or screen reader? A feature called PDF tags, which can make a significant impact on the accessibility of a PDF document. The figurative bones of PDF files, tags optimize them for universal accessibility.
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Be Productive

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Editar PDF
Crear archivos PDF
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Convierta documentos
Convierta documentos
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How Sam Works: 5 Tips for Staying Productive
18 de marzo de 2015, 03:19 p. m.
If you’ve been to this blog before, you know that Nitro is a document productivity company. Our goal is to produce solutions that help you work smarter with your documents on a daily basis, which in turn helps you work more productively overall.
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Women, Men, and the Need for Complementary Collaboration
Colaborador de Nitro
Autor: Colaborador de Nitro
14 de julio de 2014 07:23 p. m.
Refreshing is rarely a word you hear in relation to the gender equality debate. Yet in her Fast Company article released today, United We Stand: Why Women and Men Need to Collaborate for Success, Nitro COO Gina O’Reilly gives us just that cool splash.
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The Future of Work is Here
Colaborador de Nitro
Autor: Colaborador de Nitro
21 julio, 2020 10 : 41 M.
The switch from paper to digital documents has been swift. Here are key insights from Nitro's Future of Work Report Part 1.
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¿Cómo se pueden utilizar Microsoft Word y Nitro juntos?
Colaborador de Nitro
Autor: Colaborador de Nitro
noviembre24 ,202010 :00 SOY
Más de un millón de empresas en todo el mundo utilizan Microsoft 365 y más de la mitad de ellas se encuentran en Estados Unidos. Quizás su organización sea una de ellas.
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It’s Here! Nitro and Dropbox Unleash Productivity with the New Dropbox Extensions
noviembre08 ,201801 :28 PM
Nitro for Dropbox is an exciting new partnership with our San Francisco neighbors that makes a core set of Nitro’s document productivity features available directly within Dropbox.
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Accelerate Digital Transformation
Our financial lives used to consist almost entirely of live and in-person experiences.

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You can easily convert PDFs
Nitro convierte con rapidez y precisión cualquier archivo PDF a Microsoft Word, Excel y PowerPoint o viceversa, en tu equipo de escritorio, tableta o teléfono.
Seriously easy, children can do it
Nitro convierte con rapidez y precisión cualquier archivo PDF a Microsoft Word, Excel y PowerPoint o viceversa, en tu equipo de escritorio, tableta o teléfono.

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Número de empleados
10 000
Sede central
Sydney, Australia
Customer Since

Nitro partners with McConnell Dowell to save upwards of 50%

Since 1961, McConnell Dowell has built thousands of iconic landmark assets and facilities for customers and communities around the world. Their expertise spans building, civil, electrical, fabrication, marine, mechanical, pipelines, rail, tunnel, and underground construction. As leaders in creative construction, they’ve worked on everything from city changing infrastructure projects to vital resource projects that provide both economic and environmental benefits to local communities.

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Eric Nelson
Futuro del trabajo

Informe de productividad de Nitro para 2022

Descubra cómo la pandemia ha transformado la productividad, los flujos de trabajo y las iniciativas digitales, así como las tendencias y tecnologías que dan forma al trabajo en 2022 y más allá.