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Digitization Tools to Support Online Learning in Higher Education
Nitro Team
By  Nitro Team
May 16, 2023 04:14 PM
Discover how higher education can better adapt to the increased demand for virtual classes and tackle the technological challenges of online learning.
7 Min Read
Tools You Need to Digitally Transform in the Energy Sector
Nitro Team
By  Nitro Team
May 11, 2023 10:54 AM
See how the energy, oil and gas industry is tackling digital transformation—starting with digital document tools like PDF and eSign.
6 Min Read
How to Convert Images to PDF with Nitro PDF Pro
Nitro Team
By  Nitro Team
April 19, 2023 12:00 PM
Save time and stress by converting your images to PDF in just a few simple steps.
2 Min Read

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How to Make the Move to e-Government
Nitro Team
By  Nitro Team
April 11, 2023 04:42 AM
Learn how government agencies are digitally transforming to speed up workflows and improve productivity with PDF and eSign solutions.
7 Min Read
5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade From a Free PDF Reader
Nitro Team
By  Nitro Team
April 06, 2023 04:10 AM
Wondering if it’s time for a real PDF editor? It’s true you get what you pay for. If you answer yes to any of these questions—it’s time to move beyond your free PDF reader.
4 Min Read
Streamline Manufacturing Operations Through Digital Transformation
Nitro Team
By  Nitro Team
April 05, 2023 10:03 AM
Discover how manufacturers add efficiency, security and profitability with digital transformation solutions like PDF and eSign.
7 Min Read


Webinar: Quantify Your Document Productivity Investment With Forrester and Nitro
Understand the benefits of Nitro Productivity Platform
What´s new in Nitro Sign Premium 7.4
Get started with out newest Nitro Sign Premium Release
Webinar: How to Win Friends and Influence the Workplace
Join this session to learn everything you need to know about enabling a digitally empowered, mobile workforce.

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Contact Sales - Flip to Sub
May 17, 2023 12:18 PM
Nitro Sign
Signature requests
May 17, 2023 10:01 AM
Don’t sweat your send list - you no longer have to pick and choose. Send an unlimited number of person-to-person signature requests.
Nitro PDF Pro
Nitro PDF Pro v14
May 17, 2023 10:01 AM
Nitro PDF Pro 14 adds new accessibility tools, a redesigned user experience and several feature enhancements. Explore all these exciting updates and more.

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Say Yes to More: Build a Mobile Workforce with Nitro
What do you need from a PDF vendor to enable your employees to work on the go, across multiple devices? Read on to find out.
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Digital Transformation in Insurance: Modernize Your Processes
Discover how insurance companies are using simple, secure digital document solutions like PDF and eSign to go paperless, transform their productivity and modernize their client experiences.
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What Is Document Management?
Learn about the benefits of electronic document management and how to streamline processes for a smooth transition to going paperless.

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PDF and eSigning: The Secret Weapon for a Remote Workforce
Learn 5 ways PDF & eSign software help remote workers and companies stay secure, connected and compliant—anywhere in the world.
The 4 Capabilities to Ensure Your Remote Work Environment is Working for Your Business
These four capabilities can improve the productivity and efficiency of remote work
Why Employees Never Want to Give Up Remote Work
While there is some desire to return to the office, most employees want to continue working from (WFH) in some capacity, according to Nitro's 2022 Productivity Report.

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Tools to Drive Digital Transformation in Professional Services
Learn how professional services can incorporate a digital transformation strategy to accelerate their organizational roadmaps.
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How to Achieve Healthcare Digitalization Across Your Organization
Discover how healthcare organizations are improving the entire patient journey with a smart digital transformation strategy.
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What Is IT Change Management? A Complete Guide for Your Business
Everything you need to know about IT change management to ensure smooth and successful deployments.

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How to Accelerate Digital Transformation in Finance
Discover how financial service organizations can digitalize their workflows to stay competitive and secure.
5 Ways to Organize Your Computer with PDFs
Ready to declutter your digital space? Here are five easy ways to get organized with Nitro PDF Pro.
What Is Digital Transformation?
In this guide, you'll learn the core concepts of digital transformation so you can compete and thrive in an ever-changing market.

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New Nitro PDF Pro release enables accessible, inclusive and compliant PDFs for all
May 18, 2023 09:47 AM
Analyst firm’s Radar Report for eSignature solutions highlights Nitro’s extensive security, compliance, seamless customer experience and best-in-class pricing.
Switching PDF Vendors - How Nitro Experts Make it Easy DE.pdf
May 18, 2023 09:36 AM
Switching PDF Vendors - How Nitro Experts Make it Easy FR.pdf
May 18, 2023 09:35 AM

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Switching PDF Vendors - How Nitro Experts Make it Easy.pdf
Nitro PDF Pro Accessibility Tools
Discover accessibility tools to create PDF documents that comply with the WCAG 2.1 and PDF/UA standards. This ensures documents are accessible to people with disabilities, including those who use screen readers and other assistive technologies.
How to Make PDF Documents Accessible
You need to ensure your source document is accessible. For example, when you create a document using Microsoft Word, you can improve its accessibility before you convert it to PDF:
System Requirements for Using Nitro PDF Pro Accessibility Tools
With Nitro PDF Pro 14.3, you can use accessibility features on Windows. Use the Downloads page to get the latest version or contact your Customer Success Manager.
Deleting Tags
If the wrong tag was applied to a piece of content or some text was not fully selected for a tag, you can delete the tag.
Embedding Fonts
To make a PDF accessible, it is important to embed the fonts as all users may not have the same fonts installed on their computers. If the fonts used in the PDF are not embedded, the document may not display as intended, making it difficult or impossible for some users to read or understand the content.
Guidelines to Tag Lists
Lists are an essential part of any document and help organize information and make it easier to read and understand. However, it's important to make lists accessible to all readers, including those with disabilities. Here are some tips for making lists accessible in PDF:
Setting the Document Language
Setting the document language is an essential step in making a PDF accessible because it enables assistive technology to understand and read the text correctly. It allows the screen reader to accurately pronounce the text, identify the language-specific characters and apply the appropriate hyphenation rules.
Marking a Document PDF/UA as Compliant
Once you have completed the task of making your PDF document accessible, run a check on the PDF/Universal Accessibility (PDF/UA) compliance using any PDF compliance validator. If your PDF document passed the check and it meets all necessary accessibility criteria, you can mark it as PDF/UA compliant.

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