Security profiles
26. April 2021, 06:26 Uhr
Security profiles store your security settings, are re-useable, and help you work more quickly. Instead of re-entering passwords or re-adding recipient names every time you use document security, open the PDF file in Nitro Pro and select the security profile from a list. If you use certificate-based security and regularly send files to the same people, security profiles save you a lot of time.
26. April 2021, 06:23 Uhr
With Nitro Pro, you can apply two different types of security to control who can access your files and what actions they can perform once they receive them: password-based security, and certificate-based security.
Remove metadata from a PDF
25. April 2021 14:59 Uhr
Metadata is supporting information about the PDF document. It can describe properties such as authors, document creation date, reference numbers, information about embedded images, and so on.
Redaction in a PDF
25. April 2021 14:00 Uhr
Redaction permanently removes parts of text or images from a PDF file, and replaces them with black rectangles. This lets you remove sensitive information from a paragraph, table, heading, or a bitmap image. The rest of the document is unaffected, and can be viewed and printed normally.
Permission settings
23. April 2021 14:35 Uhr
The usage permission settings let you restrict what features can be used when a recipient opens a file you have secured. This means, for example, that you can distribute documents that can’t be edited or printed, but can be opened and viewed. Using these permission settings with digital ID certificate-based security gives you even greater flexibility as you can set different permissions for each individual recipient of your file.
Password security
23. April 2021 14:33 Uhr
To restrict access and use of your content, you can secure your PDF file with one of the following types of password:
09. April 2021, 12:56 Uhr
Mit digitalen IDs können Sie Dateien verschlüsseln, die nur von Personen geöffnet und verwendet werden können, die Zertifikate ausgetauscht haben. Zertifikatsbasierte Sicherheit hat viele Vorteile gegenüber passwortbasierter Sicherheit: Dokumente können geöffnet werden, ohne sich Passwörter merken zu müssen, Digitale IDs können nicht einfach geteilt oder kopiert werden, ein Dokument kann für jeden Empfänger einer Datei unterschiedliche Sicherheitseinstellungen enthalten. Sie können beispielsweise einer Person Bearbeitungs- und Druckberechtigungen erteilen, während eine andere Person darauf beschränkt ist, die Datei nur anzuzeigen.

Digitale Dokumententransformation von Anfang bis Ende

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