29. April 2021 14:22 Uhr
The Output Pane allows you to view any errors related to JavaScript or document processes, and will open automatically to alert you of any important output messages.
28. April 2021, 05:29 Uhr
You can open the JavaScript Console and write a script that doesn’t belong to any field or element. Scripts written in the JavaScript Console can be used to test routines and debug code.
19. April 2021 14:31 Uhr
Whether you write scripts in your own documents, or browse files for scripts to examine, you first need to know where to look for JavaScripts. In Nitro Pro you can find JavaScripts in the following locations:
19. April 2021 14:15 Uhr
It is possible to obtain a PDF document containing embedded JavaScript that can trigger security vulnerabilities. Some users may wish to disable JavaScript for security reasons, or system administrators might need to disable JavaScript to abide by their company’s IT policy.
19. April 2021 14:14 Uhr
To provide a complete description of how you can use JavaScript with Nitro Pro is well beyond the scope of this user manual. If you wish to gain programming knowledge in JavaScript, we recommend you review sources you can find on the Internet, as well as in books on JavaScript that can be obtained from your local library or book seller.
12. April 2021 14:06 Uhr
JavaScripts can be copied and pasted from one field or other location in a PDF document or between two documents. If you examine PDF files for learning JavaScript programming, you can browse PDF files containing scripts, copy a script from a document you download from the Internet, and paste the code into the JavaScript Editor in your document. With a little code modification, you can quickly add scripts to your own files.
12. April 2021, 12:42 Uhr
An object that can be used when setting a color in other JavaScript methods and properties.
07. April 2021 14:03 Uhr
Folder level JavaScripts are JavaScript files (.JS) that are run during application startup. These can be useful for loading reusable JavaScript functions into the application, or accessing methods/properties whose security restrictions only allow them to be run in the app/init event.
07. April 2021 14:59 Uhr
Sie können JavaScript verwenden, um nahezu unendlich viele interaktive Funktionen hinzuzufügen, komplexe Berechnungsformeln zu erstellen und Ihren PDFs dynamischere Funktionen hinzuzufügen.
07. April 2021 14:57 Uhr
Any form you create that requires calculations is likely to require custom calculation scripts. The options you have available with preset calculation formulas are limited to simple multiplication and addition. Other kind of calculation you need requires writing a script.
07. April 2021 14:28 Uhr
Simplified field notation is written more like formulas you add in spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel. Writing a notation is often an easier solution when adding calculation scripts.
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