Steuerelemente für Formularfelder

Steuerelemente für Formularfelder
Steuerelemente für Formularfelder
19. April 2021, 03:28 Uhr
There are several different form field tools. Each tool is used to create the respective field type. To create a field, first select the tool for the kind of field to be created, and then drag the pointer on the page where you want to position the field. After creating a field, you can move the field by selecting the respective tool, clicking the field and then dragging it on the page. You can resize a field by dragging any one of the corner handles in or out. If you need to change field attributes, you can double-click the form field to access its properties.
Steuerelemente für Formularfelder
Form Field Attributes
19. April 2021, 03:26 Uhr
The different types of form fields have some attributes the same, as outlined below, but because the form fields differ greatly in their design and intent, you have unique attribute assignments you can add to any given field type. For example, when creating text fields, you have options for data formatting, validation, and calculations. When using button fields, you have more options for adding appearances where icon images can be used as button faces. When using combo and list boxes you have options for adding menu names.
Steuerelemente für Formularfelder
Erstellen Sie ein digitales Signaturfeld in einem PDF
13. April 2021 14:48 Uhr
Mit dem Signaturfeld können Sie einem Dokument ein leeres Formularfeld für die digitale Signatur hinzufügen. Wenn ein Unterzeichner auf das Feld klickt, öffnet sich ein Dialog und fordert ihn auf, die Datei mit seiner digitalen ID zu zertifizieren oder digital zu signieren.
Steuerelemente für Formularfelder
Create a Text Field in a PDF
13. April 2021 14:46 Uhr
The most common field type on PDF forms is the text field. Text fields permit respondents to add alpha text and/or numeric values. You can format text fields in a number of different ways to ensure fields are completed properly. You can add custom format scripts, validate data, assign actions, and perform calculations on text fields.
Steuerelemente für Formularfelder
Create a Radio Button Field in a PDF
13. April 2021, 06:22 Uhr
Radio buttons can be assigned the same attributes as check box fields. You use radio buttons more often for either/or responses. When you create check boxes you can uncheck a checkbox by clicking on it. The only way to uncheck a radio button is to clear a form or check another button that turns off companion radio button checkmarks.
Steuerelemente für Formularfelder
Create a Push Button Field in a PDF
13. April 2021, 06:19 Uhr
Of all the field types, button fields have the broadest use. You can add buttons on PDF forms to perform a variety of actions associated with filling out a form or you can use buttons on PDF documents not intended for form use. Buttons can be used for items in any PDF such as navigational tools in a PDF design, hyperlinks for a variety of different actions, and just about any other condition that sparks your imagination.
Steuerelemente für Formularfelder
Create a List box field in a PDF
12. April 2021 14:31 Uhr
List Boxes provide users scrollable menus. You can define attributes for list boxes to accept only a single response or multiple responses. Adding items to the menu list are performed similarly to defining responses in combo boxes.
Steuerelemente für Formularfelder
Create a Combo box field in a PDF
12. April 2021 14:29 Uhr
Combo Boxes provide users a drop down menu, and only a single response can be selected from this menu. You can add menu items for combo boxes via the Options category in the field’s Properties.
Steuerelemente für Formularfelder
Create a Check Box Field in a PDF
12. April 2021 14:27 Uhr
In almost all cases you should use unique field names when creating form fields. If you use the same name for a field, like a text field, data typed in the field box is replicated for all fields with the same name. The exception to the rule is when creating check box and radio button fields. If you want one check box or radio button in a group to be unchecked as another check box or radio button is checked, you use the same field name. Both these field types have an option for adding an export value. When you create fields with the same name, you use different export values to distinguish one choice from another.
Steuerelemente für Formularfelder
Create Multiple Fields in a PDF
12. April 2021 14:15 Uhr
When creating many of the same type of form field, the quickest and easiest method is to use the Make Copies tool. Just setup the form field with the appearance and other properties you’d like all the fields to be like and then chose how many rows and columns you want.
Steuerelemente für Formularfelder
Ausrichten von PDF-Formularfeldern an einem Raster
08. April 2021 14:23 Uhr
Mit Nitro Pro können Sie Raster verwenden, um Links, Formularfelder und andere Objekte auf einer Seite präzise anzuordnen. Wenn es aktiviert ist, ist das Raster über Ihren PDF-Seiten sichtbar. Rasterlinien werden jedoch nicht gedruckt, wenn Sie Ihr Dokument drucken. Sie können auch die Anzeige des Rasters anpassen, indem Sie Voreinstellungen wie Standardeinheiten, Linienfarbe, Abstände und andere Optionen festlegen.

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