Initial View Properties
19. April 2021 14:01 Uhr
PDF documents can be set to display in particular ways when opened in a PDF viewer. For example, if your document contains bookmarks and you want them to be easily accessible, you can set the document to open with the Bookmarks pane already displayed. You can also set your PDF so it’s displayed at a particular zoom level, opens at a particular page, and so on. In Nitro Pro these settings are all controlled in the Document Properties dialog.
19. April 2021, 03:21 Uhr
If you need information on the fonts contained in a document, you can do this in the Document Properties dialog. For further explanation of PDF font information, refer to the Embedded Fonts section.
14. April 2021 14:44 Uhr
The document information fields in Nitro Pro are useful for users who want to know more about a document, and they’re particularly useful if documents are to be indexed. These fields can be used to help categorize documents and help narrow down search results from search engines and other indexes.
14. April 2021 14:43 Uhr
Details on the security and restrictions that have been placed on a PDF can be found in the Document Properties dialog. For more information on various PDF permissions settings, refer to Permission settings.
Dokumentinformationen und Metadaten
14. April 2021 14:42 Uhr
Mit Nitro Pro können Sie die Felder Titel, Autor, Betreff und Schlüsselwort des Dokuments bearbeiten sowie Ihre eigenen benutzerdefinierten Metadatenfelder hinzufügen.

Digitale Dokumententransformation von Anfang bis Ende

In der neuen Studie vergleicht und bewertet GigaOm die Funktionalität und Fähigkeiten der branchenführenden E-Signatur- und PDF-Lösungen.
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