Nitro PDF Pro
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Hilfe erhalten

Nitro Pro verfügt über eine Registerkarte Hilfe, die Ihnen Zugriff auf verschiedene Tools bietet, um auf die Produktdokumentation und andere Online-Ressourcen zuzugreifen. wie die Wissensdatenbank und das Benutzerforum.

The Help tab panels


  • User Guide: Launches the product manual, which you are reading now. You can also launch the document by pressing F1
  • Product Tour: The Nitro Pro Product Tour provides you with a quick way to learn how to perform the most commonly used tasks


  • Knowledge Base: Launches your default web browser, which automatically loads the online Knowledge Base to help you find solutions to known issues, and to explain other concepts in greater detail
  • Community Support: Gain access to the online user community of Nitro Pro. Here, you can participate in discussions regarding Nitro Pro, ask the community for support with any issues you may encounter and suggest ideas that we can look at integrating to help improve the product
  • Report a Problem: Allows you to report any bugs or issues you experience


  • Support Tools: A series of tools to troubleshoot Nitro Pro and to reinstall individual components like Nitro PDF Creator
  • About Nitro Pro: View details such as the software version, Nitro’s web addresses, and licensing information

Expired Trial (appears only if Nitro Pro is not activated)

  • Buy Online Now: Purchase a license for Nitro Pro from the Nitro online store (internet connection required)

Licensing (appears only if Nitro Pro is activated)

  • Volume Licensing: Learn more about how to obtain the best license package to use Nitro Pro throughout your enterprise

Unexpected Termination

Crash Report

Should Nitro Pro terminate after encountering a problem, the Crash Reporter will send a detailed report that will enable Nitro’s engineers to diagnose the problem. The following information can be sent following a crash:

  • Detailed Report: Automatically generated by the Crash Reporter
  • Optional summary:A brief description of how you were using Nitro Pro at the time of the crash
  • Your Email Address: For our Support Team to follow up with you about what went wrong
  • Share the PDF file…: Upload the PDF file that was open in Nitro Pro at the time of the crash

Crash AutoRecover

Nitro Pro will recover from an unexpected termination and enable you to carry on from where you left off by restoring your work to the same state prior to the crash. The following items will be recovered automatically after termination:

  • Open PDF Files: Any PDF files that were open at the time of the crash will be automatically loaded when you restart Nitro Pro
  • View State: Recovered PDF files will be restored at the same page, focus point, and zoom level prior to the crash
  • Unsaved Changes: Even if you did not save your work before a crash Nitro Pro will restore all unsaved changes to your PDF file

NOTE: For more information on how to enable or disable AutoRecover, please see the Preferences chapter in this user guide.

Nitro PDF Pro
Die Zukunft der Arbeit

Der Nitro-Produktivitätsbericht für 2022

Erfahren Sie, wie die Pandemie die Produktivität, Arbeitsabläufe und digitale Initiativen verändert hat, sowie die Trends und Technologien, die die Arbeit in 2022 und darüber hinaus prägen.