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Überprüfen und kommentieren

Manage and view comments in a PDF

Nitro Pro lets you view all comments in your PDF file from a single location. The Comments pane lists all of the comments in your file, along with information relating to each comment.

How to show or hide the Comments pane:

  • In the sidebar, click the Comments tab to toggle visibility of the Comments pane
  • You can close the comments pane by clicking the Comments tab or the x button in the top right corner of the Comments pane

Tipp: To navigate the position of the comment in the PDF file, click on the comment in the Comments Pane.

You can scroll through the list in the Comments Pane with the up and down arrow keys.

How to expand or collapse comments:

In the Comments pane, do any of the following:

  • Expand or collapse individual comments: click the + or - button next to the comment, or press the right or left arrow keys allow
  • Expand or collapse comments sorted into a group, such as Redact or Text: click the + or - button next to the comment, or press the right left arrow keys
  • Expand or collapse all comments: click Expand All or Collapse All

Note: Expand All displays all available information about each comment in the document, including page number, reviewer name, comment type, and any text feedback. Collapse All groups comments based on the currently selected Sort By option; for example, type, page, or author.

How to delete a comment:

On the Comments pane, select a comment, and click Delete

For more information about other functions of the Comments pane, see:

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