Lauren Suggett

Former Product Marketing Manager

Lauren Suggett is Product Marketing Manager at Nitro. She is a Southern California native and had never used a real PDF editor before working at Nitro. You can find her demanding free samples in the cheese section at your local grocery store.

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Soluzioni per flussi di lavoro aziendali: il modo migliore per combinare PDF
febbraio23 ,202110 :00 AM
Uno degli strumenti più importanti nell'area di lavoro digitale per garantire un flusso di lavoro efficace è una piattaforma per la produttività dei documenti.
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What is PDF/A? Why It’s Important and How To Use It
22 dicembre 2020, 10:00
With change happening so quickly, doing what you can to preserve the integrity of your important documents will save you a tremendous headache in the future.
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Hack PDF: convertire un modulo cartaceo in un modulo PDF compilabile
15 dicembre 2020, 10:00
Nitro Pro semplifica la creazione di moduli compilabili su un documento scansionato in modo che gli utenti possano compilarli e inviarli indietro.
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Compress PDF: How to Reduce PDF File Size with These 4 Tricks
08 dicembre 2020, 10:00
Knowing how to reduce PDF file size can save you from a number of different frustrating hold-ups—like trying to email a large file and being notified the file is too large to send.
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5 Steps to Create a Fillable PDF Without Acrobat®
novembre12 ,202010 :00 AM
You’ve likely filled out dozens (if not hundreds) of fillable PDF forms to complete transactions at work and at home. Can you even do it without using a tool like Acrobat®? The answer is a resounding YES.
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How to Split a PDF into Multiple Files in Nitro
28 ottobre 2020, 15:35
What happens when you need to split a large PDF into multiple files? Nitro has you covered with a quick and easy guide on how to split a PDF into multiple pages.
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Blog Nitro
Listen and Win: Marketing Over Coffee
15 gennaio 2015, 10:00
Too often we talk marketing in webinars or at loud, action-packed mixers – which is why Marketing Over Coffee, a podcast by John Wall and Christopher Penn, is such a delightful divergence from the norm. Wall and Penn collaborate to discuss marketing tips and tricks with their weekly guests – and record it for the rest of us to hear.
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Identità verificata o accesso negato: Nitro Pro con Microsoft RMS
02 giugno 2014, 06:41
Questa è parte1 di una2 -parte serie su Nitro Pro con integrazione Microsoft RMS. Crediamo che i documenti siano il fondamento delle operazioni aziendali.
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How To Add Electronic Bookmarks to a PDF
01 aprile 2014, 12:11
What is a Bookmark? Electronic Bookmarks work much like the bookmarks you place in paper books, with the added benefit of being automatically aggregated into a list in the Bookmarks pane.
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Embrace Paperless Productivity Today
marzo11 ,201412 :08 AM
A few years back, when “going paperless” went mainstream, it was practically synonymous with saving the environment. But being green is only one benefit of the paperless office. Ceasing to …
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