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Fare la differenza: perché diamo una pausa al volontariato dei nitronauti


Nitro ha grandi incentivi per incoraggiare i dipendenti a restituire, ma uno dei vantaggi più preziosi è l'offerta di Volontariato (VTO).

At Nitro, giving back is a key pillar embedded in our culture. We have some great incentives to encourage all Nitronauts to give back when possible, including $500 in donation matching annually and license donation to Charities and Education Providers. But one of the most valuable perks is offering Volunteering Time Off (VTO), which gives each team member five days off every year to volunteer. These days can be used for any cause a Nitronaut is passionate about ― whether it’s giving blood, cleaning beaches, or feeding the homeless.

Our Nitronauts give back in many ways, but we wanted to spotlight one in particular and highlight the amazing work she’s doing during the pandemic. Caroline Doyle is a Senior HR Business Partner based in our Dublin Office. She joined Nitro just over three years ago and has worked with almost everyone across the business.

In the last year, she has managed to balance working remotely during a global pandemic while also ensuring that our Nitronauts experience support and care, even virtually. That caring and supportive nature can be linked back to her previous career as a nurse. Caroline is a qualified nurse in Ireland and worked in many Dublin-based hospitals.

Ireland, like many countries around the world, is working tirelessly to roll out its COVID-19 Vaccination Program. The Irish government put a request out to all qualified medical staff to be available where possible to administer vaccinations, and Caroline kindly put her name forward. She spent her five VTO days in the Aviva Stadium vaccination center working on the front line.


The Volunteering Time Off offered at Nitro is invaluable, particularly in times of crisis. As a qualified nurse, the ability to step back in to lend a hand when really needed is amazing.
Caroline Doyle, Senior HR Business Partner

As more vaccines roll out around the globe, we look forward to having all our Nitronauts use their VTO and seeing the amazing impact it can make.

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