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Back to Class: School Documents Online


Nitro's PDF productivity and eSigning solutions are affordable enough to help your school pandemic-proof its document and signing processes.

No one knows exactly what to expect this school year. Most administrators, teachers, students, and parents are preparing for some hybrid of in-person and online learning, unsure of when or how long they’ll be back in brick-and-mortar schools. The sudden shift to digital learning in the spring was stressful for everyone, and while it won’t be a cakewalk this fall, schools now at least have a chance to prepare for remote working and teaching.

Digitizing as many of your school’s workflows as possible is one way you can make this school year easier for everyone.

What Nitro Can Do For Schools

Nitro’s industry-leading PDF productivity and eSigning solutions can help your school streamline its content and signing processes, and are also affordable enough to give to everyone in your organization.

Cut Down Printing and Paper Costs. Monday morning printer jams and needing to print 200 copies are a bad combination. By providing all faculty and staff with the right tools to create digital handouts and assignments, you can minimize the morning printing marathon. eSigning helps you cut back on printing, eliminating paper costs for every single piece of school paperwork a parent, teacher, or student ever signs.

Contactless eSigning and Document Sharing. Whether it’s teachers submitting substitute requests or parents signing report cards, digital documents are another way we can minimize face-to-face interactions. You can use Nitro Sign to get documents signed quickly and without a printer, paper, or pen. For our creative teachers, Nitro Pro gives you the ability to share and create artwork, posters, fliers, handouts, gifts cards, and more. Maybe one of your students created an excellent project that you want to share—simply use Nitro Pro’s Scan and Edit feature to highlight great work.

Enhance Collaboration and Increase Productivity. Nitro is more than just PDF editing; it’s the ability to collaborate on documents online and get comments or signature approvals quickly and easily. When departments evaluate their curriculum’s vertical alignment, when veteran teachers share resources with mentees, or when admin offer teacher evaluation reports, Nitro allows them to do so digitally.

Streamline All of Your Workflows. Requests for substitutes, hiring paperwork, purchase orders, behavior reports, evaluations for learning disability diagnoses… the list of forms and documents your faculty, staff, and admin sign everyday goes on. And that’s just on the internal side. Getting external signatures from parents for things like report cards, enrollment forms, behavior reports, medical releases for the nurse’s office, or permission slips can be even more tedious as you’re often dealing with hundreds of signatures. With unlimited eSignature requests and no cost per signature, Nitro makes signing easier and faster for the school and for parents and students.

Easing The Transition To Digital Learning

Teachers face their toughest balancing act yet this school year. Lesson plan for in-person classes but create online resources for students staying at home. Start digital for the first month and then switch back to in-person teaching. Be ready to switch back to distance learning at the drop of a hat.

By giving your teachers the tools they need to create digital resources from the start, you can help them get ahead of the unpredictability of the year. PDF productivity and eSigning doesn’t just help get them through the back and forth of quarantine—it makes their jobs easier and gives them back time to do what they do best: teaching and helping students.

Download a free trial to see how Nitro can transform the way your school handles documents.

Nitro’s Back-to-School License Donation Program

This September Nitronauts are supporting their local communities, friends, and family as they return to school and work with the Nitro Gives License Donation Program. If you think that any schools or businesses in your community could benefit from Nitro, please reach out to We all need a little extra support right now and Nitro is committed to helping your community get back on its feet!