Manage the entire lifecycle of your signed documents from one hub.
Switch apps less and do more
Centralize your eSign workflow. Sign documents, request signatures, track the status of signature requests, and view signed documents – all without ever leaving SharePoint.

Better Together: Nitro and SharePoint Online

Complete Document Lifecycle
Open, edit and save a SharePoint document, or upload a new document to the SharePoint server - all available from within Nitro PDF Pro.
Improved Efficiency
There’s no need to upload or download documents. This integration ensures there’s no break in workflows, whether accessing from Nitro PDF Pro or SharePoint Online.
Control document availability and versioning with automatic check out 
 and check in.

Key Features

  • Open a document directly from your browser
  • Control document availability with automatic check out
  • Manage document versions with automatic check in
  • Ability to keep the documents checked out, and remember a user between Nitro PDF Pro sessions
  • Single Sign On: Use the same Microsoft authentication for both Azure IP and SharePoint Online when using Nitro PDF Pro
  • Granular access to SharePoint from Nitro PDF Pro on a site, library or folder level (via connector)
  • Easy saving of local documents to SharePoint (via connector)