Microsoft Word Integration

Nitro Cloud is now Nitro Sign!

You can now upload and send documents for signature through Nitro Sign directly from within Microsoft Word by enabling the Nitro Cloud Add-in.

How to enable the Nitro Cloud Add-in

1. Launch Microsoft Word, navigate to Insert in the top ribbon and select Get Add-ins
2. Use the Search function to search for Nitro Cloud

3. Click Add next to the Add-in. The Nitro Cloud Add-in will be added to the Microsoft Word Home ribbon

How to send a document for signature from Microsoft Word

1. Open the document you need signed in Microsoft Word
2. Make any necessary edits to the document, then select Send via Nitro from the top ribbon. (The Add-in must first be enabled to use it)

3. The Nitro Cloud panel will open on the right side, where you can click Log In

4. In the sign in dialog, enter your email and click Continue; then enter your password and click Continue once more

5. Your document will be uploaded to Nitro Sign. To view and prepare the document for signature, click Open Document in the right panel once the document has been uploaded

6. The document will open in Nitro Sign, and you can now continue on to create and send an eSignature request, or save the document as a draft

Note: All changes made to the document will be lost if the browser window is closed before the signature request has been sent or saved as a draft in Nitro Sign.