Work with Forms in a PDF
29 avril 2021 08:51
Nitro Pro allows you to fill-out and submit interactive PDF forms, and to save a copy of the form including the information contained in its fields. Interactive forms are designed to collect the data you type into the fields, and can also perform other tasks like calculating field values or sending their data over the Internet. Static forms, on the other hand, are scans of a paper form or non-interactive forms created in Word or other applications, and they do not contain interactive form fields.
Submit Form Data
28 avril 2021 02:17
Creating a Submit button within a PDF form allows users to automatically submit their entered data to a specified URL or email address. You can easily create a Submit button on your forms to help users in submitting form data. If you choose to submit data to a URL, you should be aware that you will need to set up server-side programming in order to collect and route the form data. If you choose to submit data to an email address, the email body will contain the form data, and you have several options for specifying which data is included or excluded.
Tamponnez votre signature avec QuickSign
28 avril 2021 02:15
L'avantage d'utiliser des formulaires PDF est la possibilité de recevoir, de remplir et de soumettre le formulaire sans avoir à traiter de papiers physiques et sans avoir à envoyer le document par la poste. Avec QuickSign, vous pouvez également valider un formulaire en ajoutant une copie numérique de votre propre signature.
Show or Hide Fields
26 avril 2021 05:34
There may be cases when you wish to show or hide certain fields in your PDF form; for example, if the user clicks a button, a new group of fields is displayed. You have several options to select from when showing or hiding fields: you can elect to show or hide an individual field by setting the field’s General properties, or you can write your own custom JavaScript to show and hide fields based on user action (for example, if a user hovers over a button or another). As another option, you can create a button that will show or hide specific fields when pressed.
Set Tab Order
26 avril 2021 05:32
When working with form fields, users can move from field to field using the tab key on their keyboard. By default, the field tab order will be set by the order in which the fields where created. Depending on the order you added the fields, you may find cases where you need to edit the tab order to make it easier for users to navigate.
Reuse Form Field Appearance Settings
26 avril 2021 02:49
Nitro Pro includes a unique tool that allows you to save the appearance properties used on a form field (such as colors, border and line style) and reuse these properties when creating future form fields. All of the ‘appearances’ you create will appear in the Properties tab.
Reset Form Data
26 avril 2021 02:47
One of the most helpful buttons you can create on your PDF forms is one that permits the user to clear populated fields, also referred to as a Reset button. If you are working with a form that doesn’t contain a Reset button,Nitro Pro includes a Reset tool that allows you to quickly clear data from all of the fields in the form.
Importer et exporter des données de formulaire
19 avril 2021 04:57
Vous utilisez Nitro Pro pour exporter des données de formulaire en tant que fichier FDF séparé (format de données de formulaire). Un fichier FDF exporté est beaucoup plus petit que le fichier de formulaire PDF d'origine, ce qui le rend beaucoup plus pratique pour le distribuer à d'autres. Vous pouvez envoyer un fichier FDF par courrier électronique à un autre utilisateur qui peut ensuite importer les données dans un fichier PDF, ou vous pouvez utiliser des fichiers FDF pour enregistrer les données de formulaire localement, ainsi que pour importer des données dans vos formulaires.
Conception de formulaire dans un PDF
19 avril 2021 03:25
Les outils de création de formulaires sont tous situés sur le ruban Formulaires de Nitro Pro. Il existe plusieurs types de champs disponibles ; pour chaque type de champ, vous pouvez définir une variété d'options via la boîte de dialogue Propriétés du champ de formulaire ou le ruban.
Fill-out and save forms
19 avril 2021 03:20
Nitro Pro lets you fill-out interactive PDF forms, which are designed for you to enter data into fields. To fill-out the fields of an interactive form, use the Hand Tool to click into the form fields.
Modifier Aligner et espacer plusieurs champs
15 avril 2021 02:22
Nitro Pro vous permet de sélectionner plusieurs champs de formulaire, ce qui signifie que vous pouvez modifier les propriétés d'apparence courantes et résoudre les problèmes d'alignement plus rapidement. Vous pouvez modifier l'alignement via l'onglet contextuel Alignement ou le menu contextuel ("clic droit"). Pour modifier l'apparence de plusieurs champs de formulaire, vous pouvez utiliser l'onglet contextuel Propriétés ou la boîte de dialogue Propriétés.
Create Forms in a PDF
12 avril 2021 05:14
Forms are one of the most common uses of PDF documents. Using form tools and JavaScript you can create dynamic, interactive documents, and create alternatives for writing complex HTML code when hosting forms on web sites. Nitro Pro includes several tools that can be used for creating PDF forms. Each tool offers a number of different settings to control form behavior and appearance.
Calculate Field Data
09 avril 2021 12:54
Nitro Pro supports field calculations using several methods. The built-in calculation formulas are an easy means for creating simple, and quite restricted, field calculations. You can also use Simplified Field Notation and JavaScripts, although these methods are much more sophisticated and require some programming knowledge. If your calculation needs are limited to summing or averaging data, you can use the built-in formulas without having to worry about programming.
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