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Comment ajouter une signature électronique à un PDF

L'ajout de signatures électroniques à vos PDF gardera vos flux de travail efficaces et vos documents plus sécurisés.

Ever heard of the “analog interrupt”? It’s when digitized workflows come to a screeching halt because of the need to print documents. And around half of that printing is done solely for the purpose of signing1. Our current reality of working from home makes the analog interrupt more time consuming than ever. To adapt to the new normal and prepare for the future of digital work, eSigning is a must. Learning how to add electronic signatures to your PDFs will keep your workflows more efficient and your documents more secure. Let’s dive in!

How to electronically sign a PDF step by step

  1. Signez dans Nitro Sign.
  2. Select ‘Send for Signature’ in the upper right hand corner
    • Pro Tip: Before you’re ready to sign and deliver, you need to create an electronic signature. Not sure how? No worries! Learn how to create an electronic signature.
  3. Dans l'invite suivante, sélectionnez votre document parmi les sources fournies.
  4. Une fois téléchargé, votre document s'ouvrira automatiquement dans Nitro Sign et vous pourrez ajouter le destinataire qui doit signer le document.
  5. L'invite à côté de chaque destinataire inclura une liste de champs à ajouter à votre document.
  6. Next, you will be taken to the Prepare Message prompt
    • Here, you can edit the Subject and Message of the email that will be sent out with your signature request.
  7. Once you have completed your message and are ready to send your request, select the "Request Signature" button.
    • You will receive a message on the top-right corner of the screen that says, “Signature Request Sent”.

Are eSignatures legal and secure?

Yes and yes. In the U.S., the EU, Australia, China, Russia, and most other industrialized nations, electronic signatures are just as legally binding as handwritten signatures. We understand why you might be questioning the security of electronic signatures. That’s why we answered the often asked question, “Are electronic signatures secure?” for those that want to learn more about electronic signature security.

What are eSignatures used for?

With very few exceptions, eSignatures can be used in any situation a handwritten signature would be used. Thanks to their security and legality under the ESIGN, UETA, and eIDAS legislations, eSignatures can even be used in industries with highly sensitive information like real estate, finance, and HR. This means contracts, leases, tax documents, bank loans, etc. No matter your industry, your organization can benefit from eSigning and digitized workflows– especially in these challenging times. To help you equip your business and get started quickly, you can sign up for a free Nitro Sign Essentials trial.


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