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Looking for a truck driver contract template to use for your business? We’ve got a template ready to be customized for your needs today.

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Your business probably has a lot of goods to ship. But even if you're starting small and don't have a lot to send, you may still need to hire a truck driver or two. Getting good drivers matters, but the right contract with them is even more important. That's where using a truck driver contract template can help.

When you use a template, you're more likely to get the right phrasing, along with the legal protection, you need to be secure. Hiring truck drivers as independent contractors helps you keep your employee costs down, and also lets you get your company's goods shipped efficiently.

Table of Contents:

Hiring truck drivers is a big step for your business, so it's understandable that you want to get it right. Instead of worrying over the way your contract is structured, choose a truck driver contract template you can rely on. Here, we'll discuss:

  • Important Clauses in Truck Driver Contracts
  • Best Practices for Truck Driver Services
  • Tips for Signing Securely
  • Key Considerations
  • More Resources to Look Into

Important Clauses for Truck Driver Service Contracts

You want to make sure the independent truck drivers you hire are following the rules and regulations of your company. To help encourage that, you can use a truck driver contract template and fill in the details of the specific job and requirements. That way, your company is clear on expectations and drivers know what they need to do. Some of the most important clauses to include are:

1. Services Performed -- The exact services the driver is performing should be spelled out, to make sure everyone is in agreement.

2. Expenses -- Whether your company or the driver is paying expenses matters, so make sure to be clear on who is paying what.

3. Vehicle -- Are drivers using their own truck? If so, they need to know that. They may expect to use company equipment that your business doesn't even own.

4. Independent Contractor Status -- They aren't employees, and it's important to be clear on that. If they don't understand their status, they may be confused about rights and responsibilities.

5. Dispute Resolution -- Sometimes, disputes arise. The biggest issue isn't whether they show up, but how they're handled.

When you use a truck driver contract template, you can feel secure that it includes everything necessary to protect your company. Then you'll have more peace of mind, and can focus on your business' growth and development more easily.

Best Practices for Truck Driver Services Contracts

By making sure you're using a good truck driver contract template, you can feel secure in hiring drivers for your company who will do a good job and represent your company fairly. In order to make sure you're choosing good drivers, though, there are best practices you'll want to consider. These include:

  • Being clear on the status, equipment, pay, expectations, and details of the arrangement.
  • Adding in anything that's unique or non-standard, so it's not overlooked or misunderstood.
  • Creating an agreement that clearly follows local laws, so it's binding and protects your company.

Hiring independent contractors can be a great way to use trucking services without the need to hire more employees or buy a lot of equipment. When you choose a truck driver contract template, you help protect your business and your clients, at the same time. There's no reason to settle for unnecessary risk. Having a quality truck driver contract reduces that.

Tips for Security in a Truck Driver Services Contract

A truck driver contract needs to be sent and signed in a way that's secure and binding. To do that with your company's contracts, use Nitro Sign for all important documents, including truck driver services contracts. Signing online is safe and efficient.

Key Considerations for Truck Driver Services

There are some important key considerations for your business, when using a truck driver contract template. Understanding them can help you be more successful. These considerations include:

  • Being sure that all details of the services contract are clear for you and the driver.
  • Using a truck driver contract template that offers the clauses and information you need.
  •  Choosing to use an independent contractor, to keep your company's costs lower.

A truck driver contract template is one of the best ways to save your company money and still get the help and support you need to serve your clients well.

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