Advice for Security Professional Employment Contracts

Having a comprehensive employment contract when hiring security professionals is a must. Fortunately, a fully customizable template is available for your use.

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PDF Template - security services contract template

Sometimes you feel your company needs to hire security professionals. Whether you own a retail store and are concerned about shoplifting, a commercial building which you feel would be safer if security was available onsite, or you may maintain a warehouse which is in a difficult area of town. Whatever the reason, we have some advice to help you make the most of the contracts you sign for services from these professionals.

Here’s what is covered in this tip sheet:

  • What to Include in a Security Professional Employment Contracts
  • Potential Add-Ons to Protect Your Business
  • Avoid These Common Mistakes
  • Additional Helpful Resources & Links
  • Finalizing Your Security Services Agreement

What to Include in a Security Professional Employment Contract

There are some basics which are included in all contracts. You will have a unique relationship with the security professionals you hire. Therefore, you will want to make sure you review each clause in our security professional employment contract template and customize it to fit your individual needs. Here are the basics:

  • Name of parties entering agreement
  • Date of start of agreement
  • Scope of services covered in agreement
  • Acknowledgement of applicable local regulations pertaining to security
  • Whether the security professionals are armed or unarmed
  • Acceptable treatment of persons on the client’s property
  • Name of local law enforcement officer security company notifies in case of problems
  • Whether security is handled on foot or by vehicle
  • Requirements for locally required permits and licensing for security professionals
  • Minimum requirements for insurance coverage for company being hired
  • Employment status (e.g. independent contractor) and lack of benefits
  • Explanation of fees for services and payment requirements
  • Confidentiality requirements
  • Acknowledgement of proper certification of professionals
  • Hold harmless clause (protect your business)
  • Termination clause (how, who, when, and why)
  • Documents considered part of contract
  • Contract jurisdiction law (state)
  • Signature page
  • Horaires

Potential Schedule Add-Ons to Protect Your Business

When you are using a security professional employment contract template, there may be some additional schedules you want to include to protect yourself and make sure everyone understands their roles. Some of the potential schedules which can help keep you and the security firm on the same page include:

  • Specific role of security firm — a detailed explanation of services to be provided including hours of work, expectation of rounds, and how to document rounds.
  • Fees and payment — what services are being paid for, whether they are paid as a lump fee or an hourly fee, and how and when payments will be made.
  • Arbitration, mediation, or other conflict resolution — how disputes will be resolved between you and the security company.
  • Conditions which may make a contract null and void — for example if a company were to violate any terms of the contract, your facility is left unattended without notice, or other conditions which would result in immediate termination.

Avoid These Common Mistakes

These are some of the things you can avoid doing which can help ensure you are getting the right services for your business. Avoid the following:

  • Security companies not offering customized solutions and options — there is no one size fits all solution to security.
  • Hiring someone not focused on prevention — being proactive versus reactive is always a better option.
  • Ignoring reviews or not asking for references — the last thing you want is to hire a company who has a bad reputation.
  • Not checking licensing and insurance — while your security professional employment contract template may have a section covering insurance and licensing, you need to independently ensure you have copies in your file.
  • Failing to ask about contingencies — find out ahead of time what happens when your primary team is broken up because of illness or other emergency.

Helpful Additional Resources for Getting the Most from Security Firms

When you are hiring a security firm, you want to make sure they are doing the job to the best of their ability. You can help them succeed by ensuring they have the best possible training available and laying out a clear path forward.

Finalizing Your Security Services Agreement

Once you have worked out all the details and had your security professional employment contract template ready with the specifications you have agreed to, it is time to deal with signatures. Simply send the completely customized security services agreement template to your client and request eSigning. No more waiting days for the mail to deliver it back and forth, no more workflow barriers. You can start your free trial of Nitro today.

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