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Nitro à Scala by the Bay


Nous sommes ravis de parrainer Scala by the Bay, la conférence des développeurs Scala qui se déroule à proximité du siège social de Nitro (l'historique Fort Mason à San Francisco). Cette conférence de deux jours couvrira un large éventail de sujets sur Scala, une langue qui suscite l'enthousiasme des universitaires et des entreprises en matière de programmation fonctionnelle.

Scala defined (briefly)

Technically speaking, Scala is an object-functional programming and scripting language for general software applications. It’s trying to marry the best of object-oriented and functional concepts. For example, a widely used and accepted practice of object-oriented programming languages like Java is to neatly map a problem domain in a set of classes and interfaces. While functional programming allows elegant solutions to complex problems through functional composition where functions may be treated as input values to other functions. Scala offers both and so it allows for elegance and simplicity while giving the developer options with readability. In Nitro’s universe, Scala is the glue that brings together our historically rich application set. Scala powers the Nitro Cloud engine and is at the core of our technological innovation projects.

Come on by!

I’m going to be giving an in-depth talk at the Scala by the Bay conference this Saturday about why and how Nitro has adopted Scala, Play! and Akka and how this has evolved our enterprise software solutions to help our customers. Feel free to read more about my talk, and definitely stop by! We’ll also have a booth set up with plenty of free Nitro swag, so drop in and say hello to our Scala engineers. We’d love to talk shop with you!

About Tiho Bajic

Tiho is a hands-on VP Technology at Nitro focused on building the next generation document sharing and collaboration platform for millions of Nitro’s users. Tiho was previously a founding engineer at Rypple (now Salesforce’s and has spent over a decade building business-critical software platforms ground up. Since 2011 Tiho has been a strong advocate of Play! framework and more recently has been championing Scala for Nitro platform.

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