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National Sustainability Summit : travailler sur l'avenir de l'Irlande


The first ever National Sustainability Summit was held on November 3rd in Ireland’s Aviva Stadium. With over 1,000 attendees and 100 exhibitors, it provided those passionate about sustainability, sustainable business practices, and ‘going green’ an opportunity to network and discuss this increasingly pressing issue. The Aviva Stadium was alive and buzzing with four workshops and one main stage dedicated to talks and presentations led by individuals and organisations from a variety of industries including: energy, construction, food, data, transport, water and corporate social responsibility.


The purpose of the Summit was to create a forum for business leaders, entrepreneurs, regulators and government to examine business opportunities in the emerging green economy and to showcase how sustainability challenges can be tackled to achieve sustainability goals.

Le développement durable n'est plus un argument « bonus » que les entreprises utilisent pour faire bonne figure : 49 % des PDG déclarent qu'il s'agit désormais de l'une des 3 initiatives prioritaires de leur entreprise. C'est pourquoi nous nous sommes rendus à ce Sommet pour présenter les solutions de Nitro qui peuvent aider les entreprises dans leur transition vers le zéro papier et leur permettre de devenir des lieux de travail plus durables.

Our very own Director of Marketing EMEA, Rebecca Lauder delivered a presentation on Sustainability in the New World of Content and Documents. Rebecca discussed the sustainability issues encountered by organisations as a result of poor, unsustainable document processes. Rebecca also highlighted the damage being done to the environment by organisation’s paper usage as well as the damage that they are doing to themselves; paper-based document practices hinder companies in terms of costs, productivity and document security. Many of the attendees at Rebecca’s talk could relate to the issues that were covered and learned a lot about how products like Nitro can enable organisations to meet their sustainability goals in ways that they may have never explored before.

We set up for the day at stand 20 beside the main stage and there was a heavy flow of traffic from the get go! We chatted to businesses big and small about the various sustainability challenges that they have encountered. We also had a number of people take part in our paper survey and discovered an unsurprising fact; 61% of organisations believe that waste reduction (ie reduction at source) is the most important sustainability initiative for their company, while 42% also said the energy and electricity costs are an important factor in reaching their sustainability goals.


Here are some additional insights we gained through surveying Summit attendees:

  • Près de 40 % des personnes interrogées impriment plus de 10 documents par jour, et 15 % impriment plus de 30 documents par jour.
  • Approximately 60% of those surveyed said that the main reason they print is to review documents and make mark-ups. This is due to the fact that they do not have access to the right tools to do this on their computers. A further 44% of respondents said that they need to print documents to sign them.
  • Les processus papier peuvent être particulièrement chronophages. Nous avons découvert que 88 % des personnes interrogées consacrent chaque jour entre 30 minutes et 4 heures aux tâches administratives et aux processus papier. 9 % déclarent par ailleurs qu'elles consacrent plus de 5 heures par jour à ces activités.
  • Nous avons découvert que 64 % des personnes interrogées doivent traiter leurs documents manuellement avant de les classer. Cela génère des coûts de stockage et de classement, diminue la productivité en raison du temps perdu à classer, mal classer et recréer des documents papier, et entraîne également des risques pour la sécurité des documents.
  • Nous avons également découvert que le papier coûte des milliers d'euros aux entreprises chaque année. 33 % des personnes interrogées ont déclaré que leur entreprise dépense entre 11 000 et 500 000 € en papier par an, tandis que 6 % des entreprises dépensent plus de 5 millions d'euros par an pour le papier uniquement.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a sustainable workplace, becoming a paperless office, or increasing document productivity why not sign up for our webinar Document Management and Sustainability in the Workplace or take a free trial to see how Nitro Pro can help your organisation today.

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