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How to Prepare for an Adobe Software Audit and Maintain Licensing Compliance

En la práctica, las auditorías de software son muy parecidas a cómo suenan: intimidantes, inconvenientes y francamente disruptivas, especialmente si Adobe® es el iniciador.


Software audits are, in practice, much like they sound: intimidating, inconvenient, and downright disruptive—especially if Adobe® is the initiator. The company is notoriously thorough and strict with their audits, and Gartner reports that they have ranked among the top three for audit frequency over the past 5 years. Would you be ready if they came knocking on your door tomorrow?

Don't be a part of the 85% of organizations who are unknowingly violating license compliance policies—download our guide to understanding the Adobe audit process and learn what you can do to prepare.

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