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Todo lo que necesita saber sobre los productos Nitro, desde actualizaciones y descargas hasta manuales del usuario y notas de publicación.

Actualizaciones de productos

Nitro regularly releases updated products with new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

Please note: these installers are for Online customers only. Business and Enterprise customers seeking updated product should submit a request via Nitro Support here.

Nitro Pro 12

Latest Version:
Release date:  February 25th, 2019
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Nitro Pro 11

Latest Version:
Release date:  January 30, 2018
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Release Notes

Nitro regularly releases updated products with new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

Latest version:

Updates & Enhancements

Bug Fixes

This release includes number of bug fixes that improve the Nitro Pro user experience.

  • Previously, Nitro Pro required Windows Explorer to restart during the product upgrade process. To improve automated deployment of Nitro Pro, Windows Explorer will no longer restart when upgrading from version 12.0 (or later) to subsequent versions of Nitro Pro.
  • An issue caused Nitro Pro to crash when loading the IRS 1040 document. This has now been fixed.
  • Previously, links to places within a document did not function correctly after converting a Word document to PDF. This has now been fixed.
  • When copying pages in Nitro Pro, if a document had an attachment, it was treated like a page attachment and copied. Nitro Pro now only copies attachments which are attached to the page being copied.
  • Previously, Nitro Pro allowed users perform a split operation on signed documents. Nitro Pro now disables the split option for signed documents.

XFA Document Message

Nitro Pro now provides a more user-friendly message when XFA documents, created specifically for Adobe Reader, are opened in Nitro Pro.

Versiones anteriores


Updates & Enhancements

Bates Numbering

Nitro Pro 12.9 has an improved Bates Numbering feature for large documents. Documents containing thousands of pages can now be processed more reliably, enabling organizations to efficiently index their documents for easier identification and retrieval.

Worksite Improvements

Nitro Pro 12.9 now works better with Worksite 9 Document Management Systems. When opening documents directly from a Worksite file system to edit in Nitro Pro, or when creating new files, Nitro Pro will behave as follows:

  1. When using the Save function, the current version of the file will be overwritten by default. The document will be checked in upon closing.
  2. When using the Save As function, a dialog will be presented with the following options:
    • Overwrite current version
    • Check in as new version
    • Save as a new document


Updates & Enhancements

User Experience Enhancements

Nitro Pro 12.8 includes numerous user experience improvements that make it faster, easier, and more intuitive for users to work with Nitro Pro.

  • A ‘Find’ button has been added to Nitro Pro’s home tab, so users can quickly open the Search Panel to locate words or phrases within PDF files.
  • When saving a document as a PDF from Nitro PDF Creator and Microsoft Office add-ons, Save dialogs now offer a “Favorites” option, enabling users to more quickly save documents to frequently-accessed locations.
  • Nitro Pro users will now be notified when an XFA file has been opened. Nitro does not fully support XFA files, as the format is proprietary to Adobe and is not ISO standard. Therefore, upon opening an XFA file in Nitro Pro, users will be informed that the contents of the document may not be accurately displayed or saved.
  • Nitro Pro has improved font detection, enabling users with a wider variety of custom fonts when converting documents from PDF.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Improvements

This release also includes improvements to Nitro Pro's OCR capabilities, which enable users to transform scanned documents into searchable and editable PDF files. The enhancements available in Nitro Pro 12.8 include:

  • Quality improvements that enable more accurate and effective editing of scanned documents
  • Better support for large files on that are made searchable with OCR

Other Enhancements

  • In some cases, Nitro Pro would crash during the process of deleting all bookmarks. The issue has been resolved and users can now delete all bookmarks successfully.
  • In some custom environments, Nitro PDF Creator would hang when documents were sent for printing. This issue has been resolved and Nitro PDF Creator works as expected.
  • On occasion, when converting an MS Office document containing special characters to PDF, Nitro Pro would not correctly display the content. This issue has been resolved and special characters are now displayed accurately when converting documents.

Problemas solucionados

  • Nitro Pro has improved a Javascript command, which enables the manipulation of pages in a PDF document that contain annotated elements, such as form fields. These annotation elements will now be displayed accurately upon execution of the command.
  • When opening documents from Google Drive, users can now see the document's file size.
  • Users can now create extra large form fields, measuring up to 130x130in (3302x3302cm).
  • In some cases, when exporting comments of a PDF document into a new XFDF format, Nitro Pro would crash. This issue has been resolved, and users can now export comments as expected.
  • In some cases, stamps placed on a PDF document with mixed page orientations would rotate after application, causing incorrect stamp placement. This issue has been resolved and stamps no longer rotate on documents with mixed page orientations.


Funciones y mejoras

SharePoint 2013/2016 add-on (Out of Beta!)

The SharePoint Internet Explorer add-on was released in Nitro Pro 12.3 as a Beta feature. Some significant improvements have been made to make this feature stable and much more user-friendly.

The SharePoint 2013/2016 Internet Explorer add-on enables users to open documents stored in SharePoint locations directly from their browser. Users have options to check the files out, edit in Nitro, and check them back in, without the need to open SharePoint.


  • Check out and check in functionality, allowing users to check the files out for editing, essentially locking them from other users
  • Version control is supported, enabling users to choose minor or major version when saving (determined by SharePoint configuration)
  • Save As functionality, enabling users to save documents as new back to SharePoint location


  • Faster, more convenient to work directly within Internet Explorer
  • No need to open SharePoint and navigate complex folder structures
  • Files get instantly updated to SharePoint
  • Nitro Pro has improved usability when opening multiple SharePoint documents at the same time. Nitro Pro will process and open (or check out) the documents sequentially. This results in better user experience when working with documents from SharePoint locations.
  • Occasionally, when opening multiple files rapidly, Nitro Pro produced several error messages, where if a user clicked on the error messages in a specific manner, it would cause Nitro Pro to crash. This specific error would appear only if SharePoint credentials were removed from Windows Credential manager. The issue has been resolved and Nitro Pro works as expected for multiple-requests scenarios.

OmTool deprecation

Nitro Pro no longer supports DMS integrations via Omtool. Omtool is a 3rd party provider which enables users to connect to DMS locations via Nitro Pro. Nitro Pro will no longer support integrations via Omtool to these DMS systems:

  • Worksite
  • SharePoint
  • Worldox
  • OpenText


  • In some cases, when upgrading Nitro Pro to version 12, MS Office add-ons did not behave as expected and in some occurrences were not correctly installed. Nitro Pro users can now successfully upgrade Nitro to version 12. Office add-ons are successfully installed and behave as expected.
  • Nitro Pro had an issue when upgrading Nitro Pro to version 12, sometimes Microsoft add-ons did not work as expected. This issue has been resolved, users are able to upgrade to Nitro Pro 12 with Microsoft Office add-ons being successfully installed.
  • Nitro Pro had an issue where document file size was not being displayed when opening documents from Google Drive. The issue has been resolved and document size for Google Drive files is being displayed in Nitro Pro User Interface.
  • Nitro Pro has improved usability when using ‘Insert’ functionality for password protected documents. Users will be asked for a document password when inserting files for a password protected document. In cases where the password entered is incorrect, and a correct password follows, files will be added as expected.
  • Occasionally, when opening specific documents, Nitro Pro was unable to open the documents and produced an error. This issue has been resolved.
  • Nitro Pro has improved the user experience for combining multiple documents. The ‘Combine Files’ dialog can now be expanded to provide more space so that users can work with multiple files faster and more conveniently.


Funciones y mejoras

SharePoint Internet Explorer Add-on (Beta)

  • Nitro has improved the usability of check out process. When checking a document out, the file path now provides the file name and server where the file is located.
  • In some cases, when a user tried to save a document but had read-only permissions or the document had been checked out, Nitro Pro would stop working after the user would click 'OK' on an error message in a certain workflow. This issue has been resolved; Nitro Pro works as expected when saving documents with certain permissions or that have been checked out by a different user.

SharePoint 2013/2016 Integration

  • Users are now able to open SharePoint documents within Nitro Pro by pasting a sharepoint link to the document in Windows File Explorer. This functionality can speed up the process of opening SharePoint documents in Nitro Pro.
  • Users are now able to save documents to SharePoint using Windows File Explorer, This feature supports check-in functionality.
  • Nitro Pro has added support for mounted drives. This will enable users to open and save SharePoint documents faster.

OCR Improvements

  • Nitro Pro has an improved OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine, which enables users to turn scanned documents or images into editable and searchable PDFs.

    • Nitro Pro can now process much larger files when using the OCR tool
    • Users will notice speed improvements when using OCR on most files
    • Stability improvements will ensure OCR operations run smoothly

Problemas conocidos

  • When upgrading to Nitro Pro version 12, Microsoft Office add-ons may in some cases not work as expected.
    • Workaround: Uninstall the older version of Nitro Pro and install a new one. Microsoft add-ons will work as expected.


Funciones y mejoras

SharePoint Internet Explorer Add-on (Beta)

  • Nitro Pro has improved the usability of cancelling processes. In rare cases, when cancelling a Save process, Nitro Pro would still save the changes onto the server. This issue has been resolved, resulting in a better user experience.
  • Nitro Pro had an issue where a modal dialog would be lost in the background and the Nitro icon would not appear in the task bar, often resulting in user confusion. This issue has been fixed, and the Nitro Pro icon will always be visible in the task bar, promoting a better user experience.


  • The ‘Repeat Mark Across Pages’ button is now enabled for signed, not fully locked documents and documents with all permissions enabled, resulting in faster workflows.

Problemas conocidos

  • In some cases when using a premium feature in the trial version of Nitro Pro, clicking the Close button on the Upgrade Nitro Pro dialog won’t close the dialog.
    Workaround: Click the “No, thanks” button instead and the dialog will close as expected.
  • A document’s size is not displayed when opening documents from or saving to Google Drive.


Features & Enhancements:

Stability Improvements

Nitro Pro has introduced a number of stability improvements. Crashes had been observed in some specific scenarios:

  • when opening some specific files in Nitro Pro
  • when using ‘Make Copies’ option for form fields
  • when using a Ctrl+F shortcut
  • when creating a new QuickSign signature from file, where a user didn’t have any QuickSign signatures saved previously
  • when deleting items from ‘Current Items’ in a Combo Box field (Fields-Properties)

All issues have been resolved and crashes no longer take place.

SharePoint Internet Explorer Add-on (Beta)

Occasionally, Nitro Pro did not provide an option for users to discard a check-out. The issue has been resolved and users are able to discard check-outs as expected.


  • Nitro Pro had an issue when scanning multi-page documents, resulting in only the final scanned page being created in PDF. The issue has been resolved and scanning multi-page documents works as expected.
  • When cancelling or closing a Save dialog, Nitro Pro will now successfully close the dialog instead of presenting it continually, as was the case in certain scenarios.
  • One Drive Personal and One Drive for Business have been merged into one service which has been renamed simply One Drive. Both personal and business users can now log in using One Drive.

Problemas conocidos

SharePoint Internet Explorer Add-on (Beta)

  • A connection error appears when trying to Save a document back to SharePoint 2013/2016 using the Nitro Pro SharePoint Internet Explorer add-on.
  • A user can Save a PDF document without extension to SharePoint, but although the file is saved, the user will not be able to open the file.
    • Workaround: Ensure files have correct extensions when saving to SharePoint.
  • In some cases, an error will appear when saving documents as new to SharePoint 2013/2016.


Features & Enhancements:

Nitro Pro SharePoint 2013/2016 Internet Explorer Add-on (Beta)

*This feature has been released in beta and will be improved incrementally with future versions.

SharePoint 2013/2016 Internet Explorer add-on enables users to open documents stored in SharePoint locations directly from their browser. Users have options to check the files out, edit in Nitro and check them back in, without the need to open SharePoint.

  • The check out and check in functionality is enabled. Users can check a file out for editing, preventing others from editing until the document has been checked back in.
  • Version control is supported, enabling users to choose between a minor or major version when saving (determined by SharePoint configuration).
  • Save As functionality is supported, enabling users to save documents as new back to the SharePoint location.
  • The add-on makes it faster and more convenient to work directly within Internet Explorer.
  • There is no longer a need to open SharePoint and navigate complex folder structures in order to access documents.
  • Saved files are automaticaly updated in SharePoint.


Nitro Pro has resolved an issue with the Nitro Cloud connection. When using the Request Signature feature in Nitro Pro, a web browser opens and re-directs the user to Nitro Cloud as expected.

Problemas conocidos

SharePoint 2013/2016 Internet Explorer Add-on (Beta)

*This feature has been released in beta and will be improved incrementally with future versions.

  • After closing a SharePoint document, users experience a long delay before they receive a message about checking said document back in, or keeping it checked out. This delay can create confusion about which document the message pertains to.
  • In some cases, the Check Out and Open, Save, or other SharePoint error messages are hidden in the background. As a result, the user only sees the active progress bar, giving the impression that the application is hanging.
  • If a user’s SharePoint credentials are not saved and the user closes Nitro before entering their SharePoint credentials into the Windows Security dialog, Nitro Pro can leave a zombie process that prevents a user from continuing to work.
    Workaround: Open Windows Task Manager, find the running Nitro Pro process, then stop/kill the process.
  • A crash has been observed when using a https protocol when saving a document as a new file.
    Workaround: Use http protocol when saving the document as a new file.
  • Occasionally, when editing a document which has been kept as checked out, Nitro Pro Nitro Pro does not provide the ability to discard a check out.
    Workaround: Open and close the Sharepoint document again.


  • There is a regression in the SharePoint DMS related to the Add Place feature. The ‘Keep the file checked out’ option is not working in the check-in options dialog.
    Note: This issue exists in the older CMIS-based SharePoint integration. Customers who keep this disabled, which is the default setting in the Deployment utility, will not encounter this issue.


Features & Enhancements:

Digital Signatures & Certificates

Nitro Pro has expanded support for the Chain of Trust feature. In cases where a valid Root Certificate was not installed on a user's machine, Nitro Pro did not allow the validation of a signature by adding it to trusted contacts. We have added support allowing signatures that were not self-signed to be validated manually using trusted contacts.

Scanned Document Improvements

Nitro Pro has improved support for scanned documents in Windows 7 operating systems. Infrequently, instances of documents being clipped after scanning were reported; this issue has now been resolved.

Problemas conocidos

  • Nitro Pro has an issue connecting to Nitro Cloud when requesting a signature. Web browser will be opened, but will not re-direct the user to Nitro Cloud.

    Workaround: Save the document locally and then upload to Nitro Cloud directly from the browser.


Features & Enhancements:

Digital Signatures and Certificates

  • Nitro Pro has improved security for digitally signed and certified documents. Users are no longer able to remove metadata from certified documents with 'Allow comments and form-fill' permissions and from all digitally signed documents. 'Remove metadata' button is disabled.
  • Nitro Pro had a compatibility issue with Adobe Acrobat when locking a document after signing. This issue has been resolved; when a document is created and digitally signed with 'Lock document' permissions in Adobe Acrobat, it will unlock all fields when clearing a self-signed digital signature in Nitro Pro.
  • Nitro Pro had a compatibility issue with Adobe Acrobat when a document was signed and locked in Adobe Acrobat. The issue has been resolved; clearing self-signatures and adding new signatures is now enabled in Nitro Pro when documents are created in Adobe Acrobat.
  • Nitro Pro had an issue with a certain workflow of signature validation. When digitally signing a document into a field that was originally a certificate field, Nitro Pro will no longer permit editing the document and the correct signature validity icon will be presented.
  • Users are no longer able to add attachments for digitally signed documents. The 'Add' button in the Attachments panel is now disabled for all digitally signed documents.

SharePoint 365 Improvements

  • Nitro Pro has improved functionality when saving files to SharePoint 365 locations. When a user is working with a SharePoint file which hasn't been checked out, users will now be presented with an option to check that document in upon completion of the 'Save' operation.

Nitro Cloud Integration

  • Nitro Pro had an issue when requesting a signature via Nitro Cloud. This issue occurred when users were signed into Nitro Cloud for a longer period of time. The issue has been resolved and users can now successfully request signatures via Nitro Cloud.

Improvements on App-V Environment

  • When using Nitro Pro in certain App-V environments, the 'Create PDF' button is now enabled, even if there is no document open. This enhancement enables users to create a PDF regardless of whether there are other documents open.
  • Nitro Pro had an issue with the installation process when installing on fresh machines on certain App-V environments. The issue has been resolved; Nitro Pro installs successfully.

Other Enhancements

  • Nitro Pro now has the capability to switch the default Internet Explorer add-ons between Nitro Pro and Adobe Acrobat in Nitro Preferences. This feature is supported in Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 operating systems.

Problemas conocidos

  • Unable to open PDF documents from Internet Explorer using Nitro Pro Internet Explorer add-on.
  • An unexpected termination has been observed in a certain scenario, when adding a QuickSign signature to a document in the File-Print menu. This event can happen when a user has no QuickSign signature saved in Nitro Pro and attempts to add one from file.
    • It is recommended that users create a QuickSign signature before adding a file-based signature in File-Print menu.


Digital Signature Enhancements

  • Nitro Pro has optimized the process of digital signature validation, resulting in faster and more efficient digital signature workflows.
  • Nitro Pro has expanded signature validity for documents with complex permissions. Nitro users are able to set a broader range of security permissions, allowing password-protected documents to be signed.
  • We have improved our digital signature user experience, so notifications regarding document validity or modification are clearer and easier to see. Nitro Pro will notify users of the document's integrity status not only in signature properties, but also in the left signature panel, making it improbable to miss important document integrity statuses.
  • In Nitro Pro, every digitally signed document will be protected from tampering or fraudulent changes to the content. Whiteout and Redaction tools are disabled, making it impossible to hide content on a digitally signed or certified document, so users can have peace of mind knowing their documents are secure.
  • Nitro Pro now supports document versioning and revisions when it comes to digital signatures. If the signature of a digitally signed document is invalidated, Nitro Pro will allow the user to view the original, signed document as it was before any of the changes that caused signature's invalidation were made. Users can restore and compare document versions, allowing the changes to be tracked.
  • Nitro Pro has expanded document security features, now enabling a document to be fully locked after digitally signing. This update will prevent any attempts to tamper with the document. In addition, any content editing--including adding annotations–will be prohibited.
  • Nitro Pro had an issue that cause the Certificate Profiles dialog to be opened instead of Signature Profiles, when a new digital signature was being added to a previously cleared signature form field. This issue has been resolved. Nitro Pro will display correct dialogs when adding a digital signature or digital certificate.\Nitro Pro has improved left-side panel actions when working with digital signatures. To make digital signing workflows faster, users will be able to mark for redaction, add comments, and save redaction markings, all from a thumbnail view on digitally signed documents.
  • Behavior of Multiple Instances feature has been improved when dragging and dropping digitally signed documents. Nitro Pro will show an error when combining (by drag and drop) two documents with identical signature fields. Nitro Pro will notify a users that identical digital signature form fields will be merged into one.
  • We have improved the User Experience of the left-side 'thumbnails' panel and enabled more features. Users will now be able to mark pages or page ranges for redaction on a digitally signed document not only from the main menu, but also in the left-side panel.
  • Nitro Pro has improved messaging when combining documents or inserting pages, so that any errors can be prevented. When combining two or more documents which include digital signature form fields, any identical digital signature form fields will be merged into one. Nitro Pro will display a message providing this information.
  • Nitro Pro has refined security features for digitally signed or certified documents. The Whiteout tool is now disabled for all certified documents to ensure no content changes are allowed and documents are secure.
  • Inserting new pages of from the left-side panel into a digitally signed or certified document is now disabled to ensure digitally signed documents are secure and cannot be modified.
  • Nitro Pro has improved functionality when combining documents and inserting pages with digital signatures. In such documents, digital signature fields will be cleared and identical fields merged. This will ensure that signed documents cannot be modified in any way.
  • Nitro Pro has improved Page Layout functionality. Inserting pages into password-protected documents is now enabled, provided the user has the correct password for the document.
  • Nitro Pro had an issue when renaming digital signature form fields with a preexisting name. This issue has been resolved - users will get an error notification to choose a different name.
  • Nitro Pro has improved digital signature workflows, including an ability to certify documents with linked text and signature form fields. In prior versions, certification was shown as invalid when a document consistent of linked text and signature form fields. This issue has been resolved and works as expected.
  • When clearing one's own digital signature from a document, a user can now add a new digital signature field in the same signature form field, so that users can speed up digital signature workflows.
  • When combining digitally signed documents, Nitro Pro will correctly combine all form fields, including digitally signed fields, and digital signature fields will be cleared to prevent any fraudulent changes.
  • Nitro Pro has improved workflows for documents with digital signatures. Users can now easily combine digitally signed documents for improved productivity.
  • Nitro Pro users can perform complex tasks related to digital signatures, such as easily protecting selective form fields with other digital signature fields. This will enable only authorized persons to access certain form fields for filling or signing.

SharePoint 365 and OneDrive for Business integration

  • Nitro Pro 12 now integrates with SharePoint 365 and OneDrive for Business. This new feature helps users to work with documents faster by enabling them to open and save files from/to SharePoint 365 and OneDrive for Business locations directly from Nitro Pro. There is no longer a need to download documents from these repositories before opening them in Nitro Pro, which enables our users to speed up their workflows.

UX Improvements

  • Nitro Po has improved functionality when working with keyboard shortcuts. Users are able to modify and save keyboard shortcuts for various actions in Nitro Pro to make workflows even more efficient.
  • A new, re-vamped search panel makes Nitro Pro even more user-friendly. Styling has been improved for better structuring and faster viewing, while some functions, such as common keyboard shortcuts, will enable users to search for and find information faster.
  • Send documents for signature via Nitro Cloud faster than ever before. Users can now request electronic signatures with a single click straight from the Home Ribbon.
  • Nitro Pro has a new, re-vamped, modern product tour, which highlights main features to give a quick head start for first time users.
  • Re-sizing a QuickSign™ signature has become much more convenient. Nitro Pro now enables users to quickly re-size a QuickSign™ signature any time before the document is saved.

Printing Improvements

  • A number of improvements were made in relation to both printing to PDF or a physical printer.
    • Users can now see an accurate preview when printing multiple pages per sheet.
    • Ability to choose printing properties, such as selecting specific pages for printing from the left hand-side panel.

Conversion Improvements

  • Nitro Pro has made significant improvements and enhancements in the quality of document conversion from PDF to both MS PowerPoint and Excel. This will enable users to quickly and easily convert documents for further editing with precise detail. We have improved conversion algorithm, resulting in more accurate and robust outcomes after conversion, when converting from PDF to MS PowerPoint or Excel:
    • All content will be converted, including text, images and special symbols.
    • Visible layout improvements after conversion, such as enhanced row and column detection will result in better document accuracy
    • Font substitution has been improved resulting Nitro Pro to recognize fonts which will be identical or very close to the original
    • Styling, such as font size and colors, cell size and colors, and table characteristics has also been improved

Other Improvements and Enhancements

  • Nitro Pro has improved some workflows when using virtualized App V environment. Conversion of supported files to PDF using various methods, such as "drag and drop" and "from file," amongst others, have become more reliable.
  • Saving documents which contained fillable form data to WorkSite is no longer an issue. User will be able to retain any fillable data and save to a chosen location.
  • A number of other enhancements have been added to Nitro Pro resulting in better quality and stability.

Known Issues:

Digital Signatures

  • 'Repeat Mark Across Pages' button in 'Erase' ribbon is disabled for signed documents that are not fully locked.
    Workaround: Repeat markups manually by drawing a redaction rectangle on the pages as needed.
  • 'Summarize Comments' and 'Summarize Comments and Print' under 'Review' tab are disabled for documents that are digitally signed or certified.
  • When a document has been created and signed with full lock in Acrobat, clearing the signature and re-signing in Nitro Pro will result in an error.
  • Saving a digitally signed or certified document to a DMS location which is configured via OmTools will invalidate the signature.
    Workaround: Use native SharePoint or Worksite connection.
  • When a document has been certified, the certification cleared, and the same form field re-used for a digital signature, it will result in the document becoming editable.
  • The markup context menu does not appear on a digitally signed document.
    Workaround: Use keyboard shortcuts or contextual Ribbon menu to perform actions on markups.
  • User is able to add an attachment via attachment panel on digitally signed documents.
  • Nitro Pro has an issue when opening large certified documents and will sometimes result in application freeze. This occurs on very large documents over 200MB.

Cloud/DMS integrations

  • Nitro Pro has an issue when checking documents out/in to WorkSite connection.
  • In WorkSite deployment, Nitro crashes after a file opened from native cloud storage applications is saved to WorkSite via the 'New Document' option.
  • When user's machine is not connected to the Internet, Nitro Pro will not display an error message when sharing a document via Nitro Cloud.
  • Cloud storage files cannot be shared to Nitro Cloud and results in an error.
    Workaround: Connect storage providers directly to Nitro Cloud we app.


  • Nitro Pro does not fully support dynamic XFA documents. When editing a an XFA document and attempting to save, Nitro Pro will not save the document.
  • Nitro Pro’s MS Office add-ons will not be installed on machines, where MS Office was previously installed from Microsoft marketplace. This known issue will be addressed in a future release.

SharePoint 2013/2016

  • When user modifies a checked out document in Nitro Pro, and attempts to close it without saving any changes, Nitro Pro will display a check in dialog.
  • When saving a checked out document to a local location, the saved document will not be opened from recent documents.
    Workaround: Navigate to the file in Windows Explorer and open.
  • Nitro Pro will suggest user to select a minor or major version when saving a checked out document, despite "Create Major versions" setting was applied in SharePoint settings.
  • When performing a "Save As" operation, "Enter" keyboard shortcut does not work. Users should use their mouse to save the document.
  • When user attempts to save a modified, but not checked out document, Nitro Pro will open "Checkin options" dialog, instead of "Save As".
    Workaround: Click File- Save As and save the document to a desired location.
  • User is not able to disconnect from SharePoint via Nitro Pro.


Digital Signature Enhancements

  • Nitro Pro has added support for digital signatures in the Internet Explorer add-on.
  • Performing a 'Save As' operation on a document that has been digitally signed now shows the correct notification of the document's integrity status.
  • Adding a digital signature after certifying a document is no longer permitted, improving document security.
  • Nitro Pro now supports more complex digital signature workflows. In a workflow where two signers, such as Preparer and Reviewer, are involved, the clearing of fields belonging to the respective owner will be enabled.
  • Nitro Pro now has more stringent permissions settings for digitally signed and locked documents. Documents can no longer be locked after being signed and fully locked.

Conversion Enhancements

  • Nitro Pro has improved file conversion on App-V virtualised environments. Converting files to PDF using methods such as drag-and-drop, right-clicking context menu, and using combine features resulted in the documents not being converted and Nitro Pro producing an error. This issue no longer exists in an App-V environment.
  • Nitro Pro has improved the quality of document conversion from PDF to MS Office applications, such as Excel and PowerPoint. Characteristics such as content detection and layout improvements—including tables, rows, and cells, have been improved.

Other Enhancements

  • The 'auto rotate and center pages' option in Page Scaling settings will now correctly rotate the pages of the document when printing.
  • The Nitro Pro Creator had an issue when printing webpages to PDF on Windows 7 operating systems. This issue has been resolved and webpages are printed as expected. Other operating systems were unaffected.
  • Nitro Pro had an issue performing the 'Save As' operation on PDF files that were opened from a URL location. The issue has been resolved and files can be saved as expected.

Problemas conocidos

  • When a document created in Nitro Pro contains form fields that are all locked by adding a digital signature, the lock settings will not be respected in Adobe Acrobat. This only occurs when the 'All fields' setting is applied. When locking the fields with 'All fields except these' and 'Just these fields' options, this workflow succeeds as expected.

    Workaround: When locking the fields via digital signature, select 'Just these fields' and then select the fields you wish to be locked. Otherwise, select 'All fields except these' and do not select any of the fields from the dialog.

  • When attempting to save a file to a SharePoint location configured via the OmTool connector, if the file was opened from a native cloud storage provider (e.g. Box), the document will not be saved and an OmTool error will be shown.

    Workaround: Save a file from a cloud storage location to SharePoint before editing in Nitro Pro.

  • When attempting to save a file to a WorkSite location, if the file was opened from a native cloud storage provider (e.g. Box), the document will not be saved to WorkSite and Nitro Pro will crash.

    Workaround: Save the file from cloud storage to WorkSite before editing in Nitro Pro.

  • When attempting to save a document as a new version or replacing an original to a WorkSite location, the document will not be checked out and a user will not be able to open the document.

    Workaround: Check out or open the document directly from Desksite.


Problemas solucionados

  • Windows 10 Fall Creators Update issue. Last quarter, Microsoft released its latest Windows 10 Fall Creators Update to users. Unfortunately, this update created slowness and performance issues with many applications, including Nitro Pro.

    Nitro Pro 11.0.7 update release fixes the performance issue. Nitro Pro is now working as expected.

  • Nitro Pro had an issue with ‘Redaction’ tool. After applying redaction to certain documents in Nitro Pro, the content behind redaction boxes was not removed. Redaction boxes could be removed with Edit tool, or by copy-paste, resulting in content underneath becoming visible. This issue has been resolved with this update, Redaction tool works as expected.


Funciones y mejoras

Esta versión de Nitro Pro incluye muchas mejoras y funciones nuevas como respuesta a los comentarios directos de nuestros clientes.

  • Funciones de firma digital y mejoras

    Las mejoras en las funciones de firma digital de Nitro Pro permiten a los usuarios firmar y certificar documentos de forma más rápida y segura sin la pérdida de tiempo y recursos que conlleva la impresión. Gracias a la introducción de permisos de firma más complejos, la opción de bloqueo de documentos y mayor compatibilidad con métodos modernos de firma digital como DocuSign, los usuarios pueden aprovechar Nitro Pro para llevar a cabo flujos de trabajo de firma digital más rigurosos y eliminar, así, la necesidad de disponer de un software de firma electrónica adicional.

    • Cuando se abre un documento que contiene una firma o un certificado digital, Nitro Pro muestra una notificación para que los usuarios puedan comprobar al instante la validez de esa firma o certificado digital.
    • Ahora, Nitro Pro es capaz de borrar una firma digital de un documento. Anteriormente, Nitro Pro presentaba el problema de que las firmas digitales que borraba seguían siendo visibles. Ya lo hemos solucionado.
    • Nitro Pro ahora permite el bloqueo de campos de formulario ligados a firmas digitales. Los usuarios tienen la capacidad de bloquear varios campos o todos ellos después de firmar un documento.
    • Otro problema de Nitro Pro era que las restricciones del documento no se actualizaban después de borrar una firma o certificado digital. Ahora, al cerrar y volver a abrir un documento tras borrar una firma o certificado, se muestran los permisos correctos.
    • Nitro Pro tiene una función mejorada de selección de firmas que hace que aplicar una firma digital en un documento sea rápido y sencillo.
    • Ahora, Nitro Pro es compatible con todos los métodos de firma digital modernos, incluido el reconocimiento pleno de las firmas digitales de DocuSign.
    • Nitro Pro permite ahora bloquear documentos después de firmarlos.
    • Ahora, los usuarios pueden borrar sus propias firmas de un documento.
    • Ahora, Nitro Pro es compatible con las secciones de firma digital de las especificaciones PDF, que son más complejas, por lo que ofrece permisos de firma más complejos.
    • Ahora, los perfiles de firma existentes se muestran cuando los usuarios firman documentos como preparadores o revisores.
    • Ahora, Nitro Pro permite incluir varias firmas digitales en un documento.
  • Mejoras en la configuración de la escala de impresión. Ahora, Nitro Pro mantiene la configuración de la escala de impresión en el cuadro de diálogo de impresión, por lo que el flujo de trabajo es más rápido.
  • Mejoras en el formato del texto copiado de un PDF. Nitro Pro incluye una nueva función que permite a los usuarios copiar texto con formato. Cuando selecciona el texto y hace clic con el botón derecho, el usuario tiene ahora la opción de copiarlo con o sin formato. También se ha incluido un atajo de teclado (Ctrl + Alt + C) para copiar texto con formato y acelerar los flujos de trabajo de los usuarios.
  • Print issues when printing with some PCL printer drivers have been resolved. Nitro Pro had issues printing PDF to Xerox PCL Pull Print driver. Xerox PS Pull printer driver, or any other printer drivers are unaffected.
  • Mejoras en la integración del sistema de administración de documentos de WorkSite
    • Se ha resuelto el problema a la hora de guardar un documento después de censurar partes confidenciales.
    • Los datos de los formularios cumplimentables ahora se mantienen al guardar un documento en WorkSite.
    • Se ha resuelto el problema que permitía abrir un mismo documento en dos instancias.
  • New Online User Guide. In-product User Guide now points to online location so that users can quickly find the most up to date documentation and helpful hints. See User guide here:
  • Se ha corregido un problema a la hora de abrir un documento después de censurar partes confidenciales. Nitro Pro no era capaz de abrir documentos originales en los que se habían censurado partes confidenciales.
  • Se ha solucionado un problema que provocaba el bloqueo de Nitro Pro cuando la ruta completa de un archivo superaba los 259 caracteres.
  • Vulnerabilidades de seguridad corregidas. Para obtener más información, visite



Problemas solucionados y mejoras

  • Mejoras de reducción de impresión. Nitro Pro ha actualizado el cuadro diálogo de impresión con un nuevo diseño para reducir la impresión. Antes de imprimir, se anima a los usuarios a usar funciones alternativas de Nitro.
  • Administración de varias ventanas. Correcciones y mejoras de la administración de varias ventanas.
  • Mejora del formato del texto al pasar de PDF a Excel. Nitro Pro ha mejorado la aplicación de formato al copiar y pegar contenido de un PDF a un Excel.
  • Mejoras en la experiencia de usuario
    • Nitro Pro ahora muestra un número de páginas al combinar documentos.
    • Se puede insertar la firma rápida sin tener que seleccionar “Apply” (Aplicar).
    • Nitro Pro ahora cuenta con una opción de visualización predeterminada en Internet Explorer.
    • Nitro Pro ahora mantiene las preferencias de la impresora en todos los trabajos de impresión.
    • Se ha corregido el parpadeo del cursor.
  • Se han solucionado los problemas de red. Se ha resuelto el problema al abrir documentos desde unidades de red DFS.
  • Mejoras en WorkSite
    • Se ha resuelto el problema al guardar un archivo como “New Document” (Documento nuevo): el archivo original se desconectaba del servidor de WorkSite.
    • Ahora se pueden guardar archivos abiertos desde Outlook directamente en WorkSite.
  • Otras correcciones y mejoras
  • Se han corregido vulnerabilidades de seguridad. Consulte

Problemas conocidos

  • Problemas con el etiquetado de documentos.Al utilizar Nitro Pro, los usuarios no podrán añadir etiquetas de documentos. El etiquetado de documentos permite a los programas de lectura de pantalla interpretar correctamente el texto incluso después de que se haya reordenado. La opción “Enable Accessibility and Reflow with tagged PDF” (Habilitar accesibilidad y redistribución con PDF etiquetado) no funciona al imprimir un documento en PDF. Nitro Pro puede leer documentos con contenido etiquetado creados en otras aplicaciones.
  • Problema al usar “Save As” (Guardar como) después de restringir contenido. Después de aplicar funciones de censura de contenido y guardar como un documento nuevo, Nitro Pro no puede abrir el documento original. Cuando se intenta abrir el documento original en Nitro Pro, este no se abre y tampoco se muestra un mensaje de error.
  • Solución temporal: Cierre y vuelva a abrir Nitro Pro para poder abrir el archivo original.

  • Auto - rotate and center pages option in Page Scaling settings under print menu does not work as expected. The printed document will not be rotated.
  • Solución alternativa: En los parámetros de la escala de página, seleccione la opción de utilizar el tamaño de página del PDF para seleccionar la fuente de papel. Las páginas rotarán y se centrarán automáticamente.



Problemas solucionados

  • Compatibilidad con CAD
    • Nitro Pro ya admite la representación en alta calidad de planos de diseño asistido por ordenador (CAD) en PDF.
    • Los usuarios del popular software de CAD, como Revit, AutoCAD y Microstation (entre otros), ya pueden exportar sus planos en formato PDF.
    • Ya es posible convertir los planos de CAD confidenciales en PDF y protegerlos con la integración de Nitro Pro con Microsoft Rights Management Services (RMS).
  • Mejoras en la calidad de conversión y fidelidad visual
    • Nitro Pro ha mejorado en gran medida la calidad de conversión de documentos a PDF desde una gran variedad de formatos y aplicaciones, incluidos Word, Excel, PowerPoint y Outlook.
    • Se ha introducido la conversión de documentos PostScript para optimizar la calidad de los resultados en PDF.
    • La conversión a PDF ya admite muchos más detalles, mayor precisión, colores vibrantes y contornos más definidos.
  • Mejoras en la administración con varias ventanas
    • Nitro Pro ya le permite arrastrar hacia fuera un documento desde una ventana para crear otra instancia de Nitro Pro (parecido a extraer pestañas en conocidos navegadores de Internet).
    • Es posible arrastrar páginas individuales desde un documento e insertarlas en otro documento de una instancia diferente de Nitro Pro.
    • Es posible crear una gran cantidad de instancias de Nitro Pro para ver y editar documentos PDF.
  • Mejoras en el rendimiento de la velocidad de conversión
    • Se han llevado a cabo mejoras importantes en el rendimiento de conversión de archivos de Word y PowerPoint a PDF.
  • Mejoras en la integración de WorkSite
    • Nitro Pro ofrece integración con el sistema de administración de documentos de WorkSite. Se ha añadido funcionalidad adicional de WorkSite a Nitro Pro:
      • Capacidad para abrir un documento local y guardarlos en WorkSite
      • Nuevas opciones Guardar y Guardar como (Reemplazar original, Nueva versión y Nuevo documento).
      • Diálogo Abrir archivo con opciones de WorkSite.
      • Mejoras significativas en los informes de errores.
  • Actualización de la API de Dropbox a V2
    • Dropbox ha cerrado la API V1 a partir del 28 de junio de 2017. Nitro Pro ahora utiliza la API V2 de Dropbox. Los clientes que utilizan Nitro Pro para acceder a su cuenta de Dropbox deberán actualizar a Nitro Pro 11.0.5.
  • Se han corregido vulnerabilidades de seguridad.

Se han incluido numerosas mejoras adicionales del producto y correcciones de errores en Nitro Pro 11.0.5 con el fin de aumentar la facilidad de uso y el rendimiento de la aplicación.

Problemas conocidos

  • Embedding fonts issue. Embed Subset is now the default option. This can cause a slight increase to file size. Characters that are used in PDF document will be embedded.
  • Etiquetado de documentos PDF/A. Si se crea un documento PDF/A con etiquetado en Nitro Pro, a veces falta contenido. Nitro Pro es capaz de leer documentos PDF/A creados en otras aplicaciones. Los documentos PDF/A sin etiquetado creados en Nitro Pro funcionan según lo esperado.
  • Solución alternativa: Cree documentos PDF estándar o documentos PDF/A sin etiquetado.

  • Los documentos PDFA-1b aparecen sin enlaces, marcadores ni opciones de visualización de PDF cuando se generan mediante el controlador de impresora de Nitro Pro.
  • Solución alternativa: Cree documentos PDF estándar con el controlador de impresora de Nitro Pro, navegue hasta la pestaña Convertir en Nitro Pro y seleccione Convertir a PDF/A-1b.

  • Los controladores de PDF aparecen en Dispositivos e impresoras. Al actualizar Nitro Pro a una versión más reciente, no siempre se elimina la versión anterior del controlador de impresora PDF de Nitro.
  • Solución alternativa: Desinstale la versión anterior de Nitro Pro antes de instalar la nueva. Asimismo, se puede eliminar el control de impresora de forma manual en Dispositivos e impresora en el Panel de control.

  • La conversión de sistema imperial no es correcta en Formularios personalizados en las preferencias de la impresora. Al añadir un formulario personalizado, el ancho y la altura no coinciden con la pantalla.
  • Solución alternativa: Ese problema no se produce cuando se usa el sistema métrico. Para cambiar al sistema métrico, vaya al Panel de control, Reloj, idioma y región, seleccione Cambiar formatos de fecha, hora o número, haga clic en Configuración adicional, cambie al sistema métrico y haga clic en Aplicar.

  • Al imprimir desde Revit 2017 a la controladora de impresora PDF de Nitro Pro, la conversión no siempre se completa. Revit 2018 funciona según lo esperado.
  • Solución alternativa: Utilice un nombre de archivo generado automáticamente en la configuración de la impresora o utilice a la última versión de Revit.

  • No se admite la función de arrastrar y soltar documentos de WorkSite y almacenamiento en la nube entre ventanas de Nitro Pro.
  • Solución alternativa: Cierre el documento en la ventana desde la que desea arrastrarlo y, a continuación, ábralo en la ventana de destino.

  • Si, en el caso de un documento de WorkSite, se guarda y se selecciona la opción “Nuevo documento”, este se guarda como un documento nuevo. El original, sin embargo, se desconectará del servidor WorkSite. El documento original ya no se actualizará en WorkSite sin haberlo abierto de nuevo antes.
  • Solución alternativa: Cierre el documento original y vuelva a abrirlo con WorkSite.

  • El complemento de OmTool no admite varias instancias. Si debe usar WorkSite o SharePoint, utilice en su lugar la integración nativa.
  • Problema con números Bates. Al guardar un documento como nuevo archivo después de aplicar los ajustes Bates, Nito Pro no puede abrir el documento nuevo.
  • Abra el panel Marcadores, haga clic en un marcador y arrástrelo para colocarlo en su posición correcta.

  • El procesamiento de marcadores en el documento se realiza de arriba abajo, lo que hace que el orden en la jerarquía de los marcadores no sea exacto.Esto afecta únicamente a los documentos de varias columnas.
  • Solución alternativa:Abra el panel Marcadores, haga clic en un marcador y arrástrelo para colocarlo en su posición correcta.

  • No es posible abrir un documento PDF desde ubicaciones de red redirigidas, como DFS.Nitro Pro se inicia, pero no se abre el documento.
  • Al abrir un archivo donde la ruta de acceso completa supera los 259 caracteres, Nitro Pro se bloquea.
  • Al guardar un archivo como un documento nuevo después de insertar redacciones, se produce un error.
  • Solución temporal: Cierre y vuelva a abrir Nitro Pro para poder abrir el archivo original. Para aplicar funciones de censura de contenido, primero guarde el archivo en una ubicación local.

  • Al guardar un archivo PDF de Nitro Pro como una nueva versión de un documento de WorkSite que no es de tipo PDF, mantendrá el mismo tipo de documento.
  • Solución temporal: Cambie el tipo de documento a Acrobat antes de guardarlo como versión nueva.

  • Al rellenar un formulario abierto desde WorkSite y guardarlo como un documento nuevo con las opciones de WorkSite, no se guardan los datos cumplimentados.
  • Solución alternativa:En Nitro Pro, vaya a Archivo, luego a Guardar como y, a continuación, guárdelo en WorkSite.

  • Problemas con la firma digital
    • Al insertar más de una firma, se bloquea el documento. Los firmantes adicionales no pueden firmar el documento.
    • Nitro Pro no puede borrar firmas digitales creadas por el propietario del documento.
    • No es posible utilizar perfiles de firmas existentes al firmar un documento.
    • Solución alternativa:Cree un nuevo perfil de firma para firmar un documento.



Problemas solucionados

  • Actualización de seguridad. Una reciente actualización de seguridad de Nitro Pro 10 se ha aplicado ahora a Nitro Pro 11. Puede disponer de más detalles aquí.
  • Correcciones de datos de la atención personalizada de Nitro Pro. Se han aplicado correcciones de datos de uso de Nitro Pro para que ciertos clientes de gran empresa tengan ahora datos más completos.
  • Experiencia de usuario mejorada. Nitro Pro ahora muestra un error al combinar documentos PDF dañados.
  • Bloqueos de Nitro Pro ocasionales. Este problema se ha solucionado en este parche.

Problemas conocidos

  • Aparece un error cuando el usuario intenta reemplazar todas las páginas de un documento. Esta versión tiene un problema al reemplazar documentos que tienen el mismo número de páginas.
  • Solución temporal: Inserte una página en blanco, reemplace un documento y, a continuación, elimine la página en blanco.

  • Las miniaturas de sellos nuevas o personalizadas aparecen en blanco. Esta versión tiene un problema al mostrar miniaturas de sellos en la sección de uso reciente o personalizada. Esto no afecta a la funcionalidad para insertar sellos.
  • Nitro Pro no responde como debería a la hora de imprimir la vista actual de un documento. La página se imprime parcialmente o totalmente vacía. Este problema afecta a la impresión física y a la impresión en PDF.



Nuevas funciones

  • Compatibilidad con varias ventanas con la nueva funcionalidad de arrastrar y soltar. Esta función se publica como una vista previa que requiere un cambio de registro para activarse.
  • Nuevo conector DMS nativo para SharePoint 2013 y Alfresco basado en el estándar CMIS de arquitectura abierta. Nitro Pro ahora es compatible con múltiples servidores de un solo tipo.


  • Función de comparación mejorada con una detección más precisa de cambios de palabra en documentos de texto.

Problemas solucionados

  • Mejora del rendimiento en Nitro Pro para la gestión de documentos con un gran número de etiquetas.
  • Ciertos tipos de campos de formulario no se mostraban correctamente en Pro 11.
  • Los certificados y las firmas digitales no funcionaban correctamente con algunos tipos de lector de tarjeta.
  • Nitro no reconocía la fuente de IDAutomation.
  • Convertir ciertos documentos de Word a PDF causaba un error.



Nuevas funciones

  • La integración nativa de Box ahora permite abrir archivos de una cuenta de Box en línea y guardarlos en ella mediante el menú Backstage.
  • Los módulos de OCR para el ruso, japonés y chino simplificado se encuentran disponibles para los clientes de gran empresa.


  • La interfaz de usuario de Nitro for Enterprise se ha optimizado tanto para modos perpetuos como de suscripción.
  • Los archivos reparados automáticamente ya no provocan que se active el cuadro de diálogo Guardar como.
  • La utilidad de despliegue para gran empresa ya no tiene opciones redundantes.
  • El procesamiento por lotes y la impresión activaban eventos de seguimiento de uso.

Problemas solucionados

  • Nitro Pro Enterprise podía volver al modo de prueba después de la actualización.
  • Nitro PDF Creator, a veces, se eliminaba al actualizar una versión anterior de Nitro Pro a una nueva.
  • El límite de usuarios de Dropbox se ha eliminado, porque impedía a ciertos usuarios conectar sus cuentas de Dropbox.
  • Los caracteres especiales no se mostraban correctamente en los menús de archivo de almacenamiento en la nube.
  • No se mostraban correctamente los caracteres Unicode en ciertos cuadros combinados.



Nuevas funciones

  • Las compilaciones de localizaciones ahora se encuentran disponibles, después de haberse actualizado con la traducción de nuevas cadenas.
  • El complemento de navegador web proporciona una mejor experiencia de usuario cuando se activan los comandos de JavaScript.

Problemas solucionados

  • Las mejoras en la localización solucionan problemas importantes como los siguientes:
    • Truncamiento de opciones en menús desplegables.
    • Elementos de cuadros de diálogo solapados y no alineados.
    • Perfiles predeterminados de encabezados y pies de página, marcas de agua y escaneado sin traducir.
  • El asistente de perfiles de certificado provocaba que Nitro Pro se bloqueara en determinados casos.
  • Los formularios PDF con configuraciones específicas causaban que Nitro Pro se bloqueara al cargarse.
  • El desplazamiento por las páginas utilizando la barra deslizante en la vista de una sola página podía provocar un bloqueo.
  • Los resultados de búsqueda por los que el usuario se desplazaba varias veces podían causar un bloqueo.
  • Los hipervínculos no se procesaban correctamente al convertir archivos PowerPoint a PDF.
  • El complemento de Word mostraba un mensaje de error al intentar convertir a PDF un documento de Word en el que se usaba un tamaño de página personalizado.
  • La función Exportar a Word no sobrescribía los archivos existentes cuando así se solicitaba durante el proceso de exportación.
  • La función Exportar a Word, a veces, no insertaba los números de página correctos en los pies de página de la exportación.
  • Los marcadores que no se creaban siguiendo la especificación de PDF hacían que Nitro Pro se bloqueara.
  • Editar vínculos provocaba que el archivo específico que contenía objetos de vínculo sin un rectángulo definido se bloqueara.
  • El complemento de Outlook causaba un conflicto con el complemento de salas de reuniones de NFS de Outlook.



Nuevas funciones

  • La interfaz mejorada mantiene el aspecto visual y operativo de Microsoft Office 2016, con iconos y esquemas de color nuevos.
  • La función Personalizar herramientas permite situar hasta cinco de las herramientas favoritas en la cinta de inicio para acceder a ellas fácilmente.
  • Los consejos inteligentes se presentarán en función de su uso, y proporcionarán información u opciones recomendadas para ayudarle con el flujo de trabajo.
  • Los sistemas de almacenamiento en línea Dropbox, OneDrive y Google Drive ahora se integran directamente en los menús de backstage Abrir y Guardar, lo que le permite buscar sus archivos PDF en sus cuentas sin abandonar la interfaz de usuario de Nitro.
  • Microsoft RMS 2 es compatible con archivos PDF protegidos (PPDF).
  • La función de impresión de folletos pondrá automáticamente sus páginas en el orden correcto al imprimir, y las dejará listas para doblarlas o anillarlas fácilmente.


  • El cuadro de diálogo de impresión se ha desplazado al backstage, lo que proporciona una vista previa de impresión más grande y hace que se siga el flujo de trabajo de impresión de Microsoft Office.
  • El formato de las cintas se ha rediseñado para ofrecer una mejor categorización de las herramientas disponibles.
  • El reconocimiento óptico de caracteres (OCR) presenta nuevas técnicas de procesamiento previo y posterior para brindar unos mejores resultados.
  • La velocidad de inicio ha aumentado gracias a los cambios en la forma en que Nitro carga los complementos.
  • La velocidad de creación de PDF ha aumentado significativamente.
  • Abrir archivos a través de unidades de red o asignadas es ahora mucho más rápido.
  • El conector de DMS es ahora compatible con SharePoint 365.
  • La opción Mejorar líneas delgadas permite mejorar la representación de los bordes de las celdas a niveles de zoom variables.

Problemas solucionados

  • Nitro PDF Creator no se podía instalar por Microsoft Update 3170455.
  • Mayor estabilidad del programa gracias a cambios internos específicos en el código fuente.
  • El procesamiento de OCR por lotes provocaba un pico de memoria.
  • Las mejoras en la compatibilidad de XFA solucionan problemas importantes como los siguientes:
    • Los campos de fecha y hora en formato de 24 horas no permitían introducir el valor correcto.
    • Los botones de opción y casilla de verificación no funcionaban en algunos archivos PDF.
    • Los campos de código de barras no se imprimían cuando el usuario no se había desplazado por el archivo.
  • Las operaciones de archivo de los archivos abiertos mediante ubicaciones de red ahora tienen mayor estabilidad, lo que conlleva una menor incidencia de errores 0x400d003b.
  • El parámetro Detectar la orientación de texto al hacer que se pueda buscar en un documento gracias a la tecnología de OCR rotaba la imagen escaneada incorrectamente en ciertos archivos PDF, lo que conllevaba que el contenido se cortara.
  • La creación de PDF desde Autodesk 2016 desalineaba y representaba el texto incorrectamente.
  • La herramienta de selección no seleccionaba ni pegaba en el orden lógico los datos que estuvieran en columnas.
  • La sustitución de fuentes sustituía Arial Bold por Arial Black cuando no se utilizaba la incrustación de fuentes en el PDF.
  • Los sellos se mostraban en blanco si el archivo de origen se había creado con el complemento de Word de Nitro.
  • El parámetro Optimización de la conversión se establecía como “Preparado para la web” de forma predeterminada para los complementos de Office en lugar de “Preparado para Office”.
  • La casilla de verificación de código de barras “Comprimir antes de codificar” daña el código de barras en los escáneres móviles.
  • Imprimir vista actual para PDF con dimensiones de papel grandes mostraba incorrectamente la vista actual.
  • Los campos obligatorios de SharePoint no se solicitaban al guardar un archivo mediante el conector de DMS.
  • Búsqueda avanzada no mostraba el símbolo & en el campo de resultados de búsqueda.

Requisitos del sistema y opciones de despliegue de Nitro

Nitro Pro is for Windows systems only. We support most common deployment methods and system requirements, making it fast and easy to deploy, maintain and update Nitro Pro across large enterprises.


Despliegue en el cliente (instalaciones mediante inserción)

  • Herramientas de despliegue estándar del sector. Instale y administre nuestro software con Microsoft Active Directory (AD), System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) u otros administradores de despliegue compatibles con archivos de Microsoft Installer (MSI).
  • Instalación desde la línea de comandos para realizar una activación silenciosa y automatizada de los números de serie.
  • Nitro Pro también funciona con perfiles de itinerancia para que los usuarios puedan acceder a sus preferencias desde cualquier ordenador de una red que en la que se utilice AD.

Despliegue en el servidor

  • PDF para software Citrix y Terminal Server
  • Los productos Nitro permiten el alojamiento en servidor, lo que hace posible ejecutar y administrar Nitro desde una ubicación centralizada con:
    • Servicios de Escritorio remoto
    • Terminal Services
    • Citrix XenApp (escritorio y aplicación publicados)

Requisitos del sistema

Requisitos del equipo de sobremesa de Nitro Pro

  • Desktops: Windows 10, 8, and 7 SP 1 (64 bit)
  • Servidores: Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012 y 2012 R2 (64 bits)
  • Procesador: 1,5 GHz o más rápido
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Espacio disponible en disco duro: 4,5 GB
  • Resolución de pantalla: 1024 × 768
  • Funciones integradas de Microsoft Office: MS Office 2013 (32 bits o 64 bits) y 2016 (32 bits o 64 bits)
  • Aceleración de hardware de vídeo (opcional)

Requisitos de navegador de Nitro Cloud (además de los requisitos de equipos de sobremesa anteriores)

  • Microsoft Windows 10, 8 or 7 SP 1 using Internet Explorer 11, Firefox, or Chrome
  • Mac OS X versión 10.9 o posterior con Safari 9 o posterior, Firefox o Chrome
  • Navegadores móviles:
    • Tabletas iPad: Chrome y Safari (hasta 768 píxeles o 7 pulgadas equivalente a un iPad en orientación vertical)
    • Tabletas Android: Chrome (hasta 768 píxeles o 7 pulgadas)
    • Otras tabletas y teléfonos inteligentes: la recepción, visualización y firma electrónica de documentos se pueden realizar en todos los dispositivos y en todos los navegadores.

Compatibilidad multilingüe

  • La aplicación de Nitro Pro para equipos de sobremesa está disponible en los siguientes idiomas:
    • English
    • Alemán
    • Español
    • Francés
    • Italiano
    • Neerlandés
  • La aplicación de Nitro Cloud para navegador está disponible solo en inglés.

Product Updates & Sunset Policy

Ámbito de aplicación de la Política

The Product Updates & Sunset Policy ('the Policy') applies to the following products: Nitro Pro, Nitro Cloud, Nitro Admin, and Nitro Analytics.

The following products are discontinued, no longer supported, and excluded from the scope of the Policy: Nitro Reader, Nitro PDF Express, PrimoPDF.


Product Updates means any combination of new features, enhancements, fixes, security patches, modifications and/or revisions that are released for Licensed Products, including corresponding Documentation.

Current Release means the first version number in the latest Product Update (eg Nitro Pro version 12.x).

Previous Release means the first version number immediately preceding the Current Release (eg Nitro Pro version 11.x)

Discontinued Release means all releases and versions other than the Current Release and Previous Release (eg Nitro Pro version 10.x and prior releases)

Basic Support means customers can use Nitro Support Center, which includes access to Nitro's Knowledge Base, community forum, user guides, how-to videos and more. Basic support does not include any email/ticket support.

Premium Support means customers receive Basic Support and email/ticket support, with prioritized first response time according to their purchased plan.

Nitro VIP Access (previously known as Software Assurance or SA) means customers are entitled to Premium Support and Product Updates during the term of their agreement. Nitro VIP Access is included with all subscription agreements.

Subscription License Agreement means a customer has purchased a subscription (non-perpetual) product license.

Product Updates & Sunset Policy ('The Policy')

Nitro will provide continuous Product Updates for the Current Release.

Nitro, at its discretion, may provide Product Updates to the Previous Release (eg to patch a security vulnerability), or may instead provide an update to the Current Release, until it becomes a Discontinued Release.

Nitro will not provide Premium Support nor Product Updates for Discontinued Releases.

Customers that purchase Nitro VIP Access or via Subscription License Agreement are entitled to Product Updates and Premium Support during the term of their agreement.

Customers that do not purchase Nitro VIP Access, Premium Support or via Subscription License Agreement receive Basic Support, and are not entitled to any Product Updates or Premium Support.

Transitioning Between Release Phases

When a new Product Update increments the first version number (eg Nitro Pro version 12.x):

  • It becomes the Current Release;
  • The existing Current Release becomes the Previous Release; and
  • The Previous Release becomes a Discontinued Release.

Nitro's Rights Under the Policy

Nitro reserves the right to alter, append or repeal part or all of the Policy at any time.
Nitro reserves the right to make exceptions to the Policy on a case-by-case basis.

Estado actual del producto

Nitro Pro

Versión Fecha de publicación Estado
Nitro Pro 12 June 12, 2018 Actual
Nitro Pro 11 November 23, 2016 Anterior
Nitro Pro 10 and prior June 9, 2015 Descatalogado

Nitro Cloud, Nitro Admin and Nitro Analytics

These products are provided only via Subscription License Agreement, and as cloud services available only via internet browser. As such, customers receive continuous Product Updates without the need to upgrade. The Current Release is the only version supported, and there is no Previous Release.