Nuestro Equipo

Meet Our Nitro Family

Our extraordinary solutions are backed by an exceptional team. For 15 years we've been pushing each other as colleagues, inspiring each other as individuals, and supporting each other as friends.

Our fearless leaders

The big-picture thinkers who take Nitro to new heights.
Sam Chandler
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Kurt Johnson
Presidente Ejecutivo
Ana Sirbu
Director financiero
Gina O'Reilly
Director de Operaciones
Maria Robinson
Director de Marketing
Sam Thorpe
Oficial Jefe de Producto
Mark Flanagan
Director General de ingresos
David O'Donoghue
VP, Ingeniería
Eric Salas
VP, Business Ops & Strategy
Jennifer Murray
VP, Customer Experience
Kevin O'Donnell
VP, Producto
Peter Jones
VP, Design & User Experience
Barry Jungels
VP, EMEA Sales
Michael Helder
VP, APAC Sales
Garret LaCava
VP, North America Sales
Simon Taylor
VP, Global Channel & Alliances
Brad Hill
VP, Marketing
Rohit Shrawagi
Nellie Aube
VP, Growth & Enablement
Kurt Johnson
Presidente Ejecutivo
Sam Chandler
Executive Director & Chief Executive Director
Michael Brown
Non-Executive Director
Sarah Morgan
Independent Non-Executive Director and Chair of Audit & Risk Committee
Lisa Hennessy
Independent Non-Executive Director & Chair of Remuneration Committee
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