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Fast and Secure eSigning for Healthcare Professionals
“The integration was simple and has given us a transparent, easy-to use-service that we hope can be deployed throughout the entire healthcare sector.”
France (Paris & Toulouse) 
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Find a fast, secure way to sign digital contracts
Medelse is a digital recruitment platform that matches medical professionals with healthcare demands. The company recently enabled HR professionals from medical institutions across France to find critical staff for vaccination centers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Medelse soon realized that the absence of a digital signing process was slowing recruitment down significantly, especially across urgent short-term and temporary roles. To continue scaling their business, they needed to find a way for documents to be electronically signed securely and legally within their platform.
Nitro’s efficient and compliant eSigning solution
Medelse chose Nitro as a digital transformation partner for their experience in the healthcare industry, simple integration process and strong legal compliance. By implementing efficient eSigning workflows, Medelse helped users eliminate inefficient administrative tasks and sign digital contracts faster and more securely. The partnership enabled the organization to accelerate growth and reach their core business goals: helping medical institutions fill more roles and providing greater flexibility to healthcare professionals. Nitro Sign Premium added so much value to Medelse’s digital transformation journey, they encouraged others in the industry to follow suit.

The Results

High Trust Workflows
Thanks to Nitro’s commitment to compliance and security, Medelse had full assurance they were meeting important laws and regulations including eIDAS, GDPR and HIPAA. They could also be confident that important healthcare data, documents and eSignatures were protected across all digital workflows.
A Seamless Integration
Nitro’s powerful API connected with Medelse’s existing systems and applications seamlessly. The integration process was completed swiftly, without any disruption to internal projects – a key aspect to a successful digital transformation.
Enhanced Flexibility and Speed
Nitro helped Medelse save precious time for healthcare professionals by replacing manual redundant tasks with efficient, automated processes. As users could electronically sign agreements anywhere, from any device, the signing process now took 2 minutes instead of 2 hours.
The integration of eSignatures has allowed us to streamline the entire hiring process. Now, thanks to the reduction in admin, doctors, nurses and other care providers can do what they do best – help people.
Yannick Cenatiempo, CPTO and Associate at Medelse
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