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All the tools you need to edit PDF files

Add, delete, and modify text and images in PDF format. Nitro’s PDF editor also enables you to insert, extract, and rotate pages as well as copy/paste text into Word or Office files.

Customize files with your PDF editor

In addition to assigning page numbers, you can insert logos, dynamic bookmarks, watermarks, and other elements across multiple pages — all without leaving Nitro.

Add, remove, and edit PDF Bates Numbering

Bates Numbering is a method of indexing legal documents. For unique page labeling and identification, you can add, edit, or remove Bates Numbers as needed, and process multiple files in a single batch.

Use OCR to edit PDF files from scanned paper docs

High-fidelity Optical Character Recognition (OCR) transforms document scans into searchable and editable PDFs that can recognize text in multiple languages.

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