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Why Nitro is the Best All-in-One PDF Editor for Mac

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Why do Mac users love Nitro's PDF editor? Here are 10 reasons you'll want to make the switch to Nitro PDF Pro for Mac.

As macOS gains market share momentum and Apple device usage proliferates across the globe, there’s a greater need for a PDF editor for Mac users.

Apple’s line of design-focused operating systems have steadily gained popularity over the last two decades, with many households and businesses owning multiple Mac devices. We know Mac fans love simplicity and creativity, and that’s why Nitro’s line of mac PDF editing software was built just for your Apple device.

Here are 10 reasons our Mac customers love using Nitro for editing, converting, compressing and all their PDF needs on Mac.

1. Have fun with PDFs.

Nitro PDF Pro for Mac makes it easy to edit PDFs directly on a Mac device…and a whole lot more. What does that mean? It means that with Nitro, you get an entire suite of features and PDF tools to create, edit, convert, redact, merge, sign, share and secure your PDF documents and files. And did we mention it’s super affordable?

2. Edit scanned text.

Did you know Nitro has one the fastest and most accurate OCR engines in the market?

Ever wonder why it’s so difficult to translate regular PDFs into editable text? Nitro PDF Pro for Mac uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR)to turn pictures of scanned text into words you can edit. This is an automatic process that will cut your time editing PDFs drastically. And it means you can even upload and scan old documents to your Mac - and turn them into editable PDF files.

3. Secure your documents.

Whether you just need to password protect a PDF on a Mac device or you need to ensure global eSignature compliance for your entire organization, you can trust Nitro to keep your Mac documents safe.

4. Export PDF to Microsoft Word on Mac.

Even though Nitro makes it really easy to edit PDFs, sometimes you might want to export and convert a PDF file into .docx file format so you can edit and collaborate in Word. We won’t judge. In fact, you’ll be able to open Microsoft Word and edit the document as if you’d created it in Word from the beginning.

5. Correct text with one click.

With Nitro PDF Pro for Mac, you can simply click “Correct Text” to start editing a PDF within the document itself.

6. Digitally sign any PDF on your Mac.

Sign a lot of documents? Add your signature to a PDF document easily with Nitro. Use Nitro PDF Pro on your Mac or iPad to scribble in your signature with a mouse or a trackpad—whatever you need to use—and send it on its way.

7. Store your PDFs in the cloud.

One thing many people overlook is just how cumbersome a large amount of PDF files can be to deal with. One version is in your downloads folder. The other’s on your desktop. Multiple edited versions are scattered across your device. It’s maddening. With Nitro PDF Pro for Mac, you can work through cloud storage to keep your PDFs in one secure place. And since they’re in the cloud, you can access these files from multiple Apple devices.

8. Request eSignatures for PDF on any device.

Do you frequently work with documents that need someone else’s signature? No problem! Nitro PDF Pro for Mac integrates seamlessly with Nitro Sign, so you can fully digitize your document workflows.

Simply open or create a PDF, add the boxes for other people to sign it, and send it out to any colleague or customer for their signature. They don’t have to use Nitro software—it’s completely web-based and they can sign the document on any device.

9. See analytics for usage, ROI and more.

If you’re a fan of making data-driven decisions (and who isn’t?), Nitro Analytics will wow you. Track user adoption, productivity, environmental impact and automatically calculate your ROI for Nitro PDF and eSign solutions.


10. It’s easy to give Mac business users the tools they need.

If you are an IT leader with Mac users, Nitro’s capabilities as a PDF editor enable you to support all your users with the tools they want and need.

  • Nitro PDF Pro for macOS (Business) supports macOS Ventura.
  • Nitro PDF Pro for iOS is compatible with iOS 16 and includes integrations with Nitro Sign Essentials and Advanced and Nitro Analytics.

With our latest macOS and iOS for Business release, customers are now able to login using the Nitro Licensing System (NLS). NLS has many proven advantages over competitor licensing administration, including:

  • Streamlined deployment and management with a single NPS license for Pro and Sign
  • Improved ability to measure and track usage with user-based rather than device-based licensing
  • Independently add and remove users

What else can you do with Nitro PDF Pro for Mac?

Nitro is much more than just a PDF editor for Mac devices.

  • Create, sign and fill out PDF forms
  • Permanently redact sensitive information
  • Add and highlight text
  • Add images
  • Add, remove and combine PDF pages
  • Merge PDF files
  • Convert to Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint
  • Convert to PDF/A
  • Add and edit permissions
  • Create and edit Table of Contents and Bookmarks
  • Create PDF portfolios
  • And so much more

Try the Best Mac PDF Editor for yourself

Start your free trial of Nitro PDF Pro for Mac today. No credit card. No fine print. No BS.

Ready to talk to someone about Nitro for your business? We’re ready to help.

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