For increased document security of sensitive information, companies rely on Microsoft Azure Information Protection to apply labels for classification. Nitro PDF Pro and Azure IP’s integration supports classified workflows to deliver a seamless experience.

Better Together: Nitro and Azure

Document Security
Built on Azure Rights Management (Azure RMS) technology to leverage encryption, identity and authorization policies, your documents benefit from enhanced security and control over sensitive data.
Document Tracking
Documents classified with Azure IP can be easily tracked and controlled, preventing nefarious behavior or data leaks.
Seamless Integation
Nitro Pro seamlessly integrates with Azure IP, delivering a unified workflow experience.

Key Features

  • View labels & permissions as set in Azure Information Protection
  • Add, change or remove a classification label from a PDF
  • Automatically apply classification labels to a document according to Labels Policy settings, e.g. apply a default label on non-classified documents
  • Viewing classified and protected documents
  • Opening protected documents in PPDF format
  • Editing classified and protected documents if permissions allow