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Electronic signatures for Alfresco.

With the Xenit Electronic Signature Connector for Alfresco, you can digitally sign your documents or have them signed by others. You can easily manage approvals, mandates, signing methods, signing orders, legal notices, expiry dates – All while being fully compliant with eIDAS regulation.

Lower the costs and improve efficiency

By transforming from paper-based processes to digital, online workflows, you are working more efficiently and spending less budget on resources and manpower.

NOTE: Connective is now a Nitro Company. The Connective branding in the video above depicts the recently rebranded Nitro Sign offering.

Key features

GDPR compliant
Track the signing process and send 'nudge' reminders
Flexibility to integrate the connector in Alfresco Digital Workspace and ADF
Include and support multiple type of documents
Compliant with the e-Signature laws in the European Union, Directive 1999/93/EC & Regulation 910/2014 (eIDAS), and in the United States, the UETA & E-SIGN acts
At Xenit, we build and operate open-source search and document services since 2007. At that time, affordable and practical digital signatures were the missing link between business partners. Today, digital is the new normal and electronic signatures are essential. Nitro's eSignatures solution, integrated with Alfresco's digital business platform empowers our customers to accelerate and protect end-to-end digital transactions. Nitro's eSignatures solutions complies with eIDAS regulation and Xenit leverages digital sealing, together, we offer legally compliant and hyper-scalable content services.
Ronny Timmermans, Managing Director
Start using digital signatures for Alfresco today
and sign your documents digitally with a legally valid signature in no time!