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Premier aperçu : de nouvelles fonctions Nitro pour votre navigateur Web


If you use Nitro’s cloud service to sign and share your documents, you may have noticed that some handy new features have recently popped up in the “Tools” tab of the product.

These four functions—Combine, Convert, Optimize, and Organize—combine with existing features for eSigning, review, and sharing to enable you to do even more with your documents right in your web browser.

Check out the screencasts below to see how each new feature works.


The Combine tool lets you merge different PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and image files into a single PDF document. Here’s how to use it:


The Convert tool enables the conversion of PDFs into Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files, along with the creation of PDF files from different file types. Here’s how to use it:


The new Optimize tool allows you to reduce the file size of your document. Upload your file, then download the optimized (smaller) version. Here’s how to use it:


With the Organize tool, you can rearrange, rotate, and delete pages from your document. Here’s how to use it:

Try these new features for yourself! Just make sure you’re signed up and logged in to access the browser features:

  1. Ouvrez Nitro Pro
  2. Click the “Sign Up” link, located in the top right corner of your Nitro Pro instance
  3. If you don’t already have an account, simply create one. —OR—
  4. If you have an existing account, click “Login” at the bottom of the form, then enter your account info.

Hope you enjoy!

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