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Cost Management? IT Asset Managers Have it Covered


We’ve created a blog series to celebrate IT Asset Managers and all they do to keep organizations running smoothly. Read on to learn how their budgeting skills can make a big impact.

<h2>We’ve created a blog series to celebrate IT Asset Managers and all they do to keep organizations running smoothly. Read on to learn how their budgeting skills can make a big impact.<h2>

With the growth of cloud-based IT systems, the need for expensive, on premise assets has diminished in recent years. Still, organizations are constantly seeking ways to reduce the costs of managing their assets, and successful IT Asset Managers manipulate every possible tactic to save budget.

Vimal Mani, an IT Governance subject matter expert, notes that streamlining IT asset management can help control IT spending by using asset data to identify key targets for downsizing. Mani also notes that sophisticated asset management can help unearth any costs that lurk beneath the surface.

“Organizations can achieve significant savings on the ‘hidden’ costs of PC hardware and software…like the costs of supporting and managing them, which generally comprise the huge share of the total cost of ownership (TCO),” said Mani.

Masters of Cost Management explore new technologies, but also seek ways to derive the maximum value from their current assets, while avoiding painful costs from outdated or non-compliant systems.

Massive applause for these five masters!

Masters of Cost Management

Brian R. DeToto, Software Asset Manager – Licensing Specialist, Cardinal Health
Why he was honored: Brian led software license redistribution efforts that saved his company over $100,000 annually, and has continued to optimize standard procedures for additional cost savings.

April Horn, Software Asset Manager – Allianz Managed Operations and Services of America
Why she was honored: In her own words, April reached this stage in her career by doing what she does best: “gathering data, analyzing, executing, and developing the processes and procedures to sustain cost control and accountability.”

Tim Barnes, Global IT Asset Manager – Sykes Enterprises, Inc.
Why he was honored: Tim is especially adept at ensuring compliance, and avoiding any legal or regulatory issues with records management. His Optimized Software Asset Management program resulted in increased cost control, reduced complexity, increased utilization of software assets and mitigated audit risk.

Estancia Bell, Manager/AVP, IT Asset and Configuration Management – First Citizens Bank
Why she was honored: Her efforts at IT operations in the communications and financial industries help streamline IT assets, agreements and contracts worldwide. She managed the transition from physical servers to a VMware environment across eastern North Carolina, improving network efficiency and reducing hardware costs across the business.

Christine Becken, Senior IT Asset and Configuration Manager – MedAssets
Why she was honored: Christine has developed IT asset management policies and processes improvement plans for a variety of verticals, including hospitality and government. She managed and analyzed a multi-million dollar IT maintenance budget for a high-profile hospitality organization.

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