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How Zebra Technologies Is Achieving Digital Transformation

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As employee expectations continue to nourish digital priorities, more and more enterprises are going back to the drawing board to evaluate their current technology estate. IT leaders are starting to ask their lieutenants the hard questions: Are our current workflows and business processes supported by our current vendors? Are these partnerships the right fit as we tackle our digital transformation initiatives? Is there a way to achieve maximum productivity at a lower cost? Is it time for a change?

Melissa Incerna, principal analyst at 451 Research, writes, “PDF emerged as the industry format standard for ensuring consistent document reproduction and security across systems and devices. But when it comes to collaboration, editing and information extraction, PDF is a format most content services fail to effectively handle, and can therefore be a pain point for knowledge workers.” These simple, repetitive workflows are the processes that, when not properly managed, can hinder today’s modern workforce. Proactive IT leaders are taking strategic steps to overcome these challenges and ensure their staff is equipped with the right document tools to be efficient and successful.

A couple years back, David Floss, Zebra’s Global Client Support Manager, started asking himself and his team some of these exact questions. As an innovative leader looking for ways to improve, consolidate, and scale, he must provide the right productivity tools that his end users—which range from finance and legal to payroll and marketing—will adopt and enjoy.

As a subject matter expert in his field, David will join Nitro’s VP of Customer Success and Solutions Steve Bower and 451 Research’s principal analysts for a live panel that highlights Zebra’s path to digital transformation. From the evaluation exercises and vendor selection to deployment, adoption, and results, David has insights to share for every step of the digital journey.

On May 16th, he’ll explain why Zebra chose to move from Adobe to Nitro, what the change management process entailed, and how to implement key strategies for accelerating digital transformation.

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