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Join Nitro and SF Scala! #HackScalaJS


Are you a full stack engineer with a love for Scala? Have you been waiting for the day that you can utilize Scala to bring your startup dreams to fruition? Nitro is here to help—join us at SF Scala’sfirst hackathonfor Scala.JS at Nitro HQ on Tuesday, January 27th from 12:00pm to 10:00pm.

The best part is, you don’t have to be a front end engineer to build the front end of your application. With Scala.JS, there’s an easy way to connect the GUI (what the user sees on the front end of the application) to the API (the tool which accesses the data stored on the back end of the application), and there you have it—a complete web application.

All Scala enthusiasts—regardless of level of experience, but with a foundation of functional programming in Scala—are encouraged to join. All you need is a dream and a will to code (…and your laptop and charger).

You’ll have the opportunity to meet key members in the San Francisco Scala community—including Haoyi Li, Scala.JS Evangelist and author of Hands-on Scala.JS; James Ward, Principal Platform Evangelist from; and Dick Wall, Evangelist and co-founder of Java Posse. Lunch and dinner will also be catered, and there will be an assortment of prizes to take home by a group of lucky winners.

So grab your friends and #HackScalaJS with your team, or come prepared to code with new friends, as we’ll be ready to assign you to a team when you arrive. Either way—we’re excited to see you there!