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Top 3 Reasons It's Time to Switch Your PDF Vendor


Not all PDF vendors and solutions are created equal. Learn how to trade pain for productivity and Say Yes to More with Nitro.

Is your current PDF vendor letting you down when it comes to costs, service and customer support?

Common complaints include:

  • Prohibitive agreements limited by restrictive license counts and vendor audits 
  • Only giving you a Customer Service Manager when you reach a very high spend 
  • And failing to offer insights and analytics you can use to actually control costs and improve productivity 

Frankly, this is no way to help businesses succeed in today’s digital era. Why should IT teams be unfairly seen as ‘The Department of No’ and be forced to limit users just to keep costs under control? You should be able to give everyone in the organization the gift of document productivity!

Say Yes to More From Your PDF Vendor

This article shares the top 3 reasons to leave your PDF vendor immediately if they’re not giving you the value you want, without the surprise fees you don’t.

We will look at the top three benefits here and encourage you to download our eBook, Say Yes to MORE, with even more reasons to switch vendors you might not have thought about.

1. Lower cost of ownership

Some PDF vendors can be very restrictive on the number of users per license. Plus, they’ll audit and fine you for unauthorized users. Shop around and you can find alternatives that deliver all the functionality at a fraction of the cost. This helps you accelerate ROI and productivity by giving more users the PDF tools they need without adding additional overhead.

Good vendors will also provide analytics for total visibility and accountability. How can you make cost-effective purchasing and usage decisions without insights into product deployment and adoption? And with Nitro Analytics, you can even see your environmental impact and contribution to saving the world.

2. Increased productivity

With the increase in remote workers, your users are likely accessing documents on a variety of devices, in a variety of locations. But the licensing models of some vendors simply don’t allow them to use their PDF tools on the go without racking up higher costs for your organization. The right vendor will work with you to help employees stay productive by applying one license to multiple devices so they can work where they want, when they want and how they want—without missing a beat.

3. Happier users

IT leaders know changes need leadership and user buy-in to succeed. If you’re switching your PDF vendor, that buy-in will be much easier if a new PDF solution meets all their needs. That includes an easy, intuitive interface and generous user support for users at every level and at every stage—from onboarding to troubleshooting.

Ready to switch PDF vendors and get more?

Nitro works closely with customers to transform the way their organizations work. Our solutions unlock the true potential of their document stacks with a trusted platform of PDF, eSign and Analytics products that streamline and automate document workflows across the enterprise. The result? Everyone can get more done, faster.

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