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How 8 Departments Use Nitro to Boost Productivity

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Learn how teams such as IT, sales and HR use Nitro solutions to transform their digital document workflows.

Equipping your teams with the right digital tools isn’t just an IT goal. It’s a business enabler. A digital transformation accelerator. And today, a way to retain your best employees.

In fact, employees are 158% more engaged at work and have 61% higher intent to stay in their role when they are satisfied with their workplace technology.

If you’re not providing your teams with the tools they need to reach their goals, you're missing out on opportunities to reach yours. How can Nitro help you build a more productive and engaged workforce?

Here's how eight departments use Nitro’s PDF, eSign & analytics solution to streamline and simplify daily work.

1. Human Resources

Use Cases
Employee Offers & Termination NoticesCreate PDF templates for efficient employee offers and termination notices. With one of the fastest OCR engines in the industry, HR can easily make any document editable.
Company Policies/HandbooksCombine multiple documents to produce professional and organized company policies, employee guides or handbooks. Easily send for eSignature acceptance and track completion.
Private Information SecurityKeep sensitive data such as private employee information, employee relations and mediation data secure with Nitro’s password protection and redaction tools.
HR ComplianceNitro PDF & eSign solutions offer state-of-the-art security and compliance to meet specific regulations and eID requirements.

2. Sales

Use Cases
Purchase OrdersCreate, edit, convert and combine POs and other order forms quickly and easily. 
Contract Templates Create and use pre-design sales contract templates to quickly fill or edit important client data, pricing and terms.  
Sales/CRM Software Integrations Simplify and accelerate document workflows using Nitro’s integrations with common sales and CRM systems such as Salesforce
Analytics Leverage Nitro Analytics to quantify ROI and usage across sales teams, proving the value of equipping every sales rep with Nitro’s PDF & eSign tools. 

Nitro in action: After partnering with Nitro, entertainment firm Salem Media scaled their digital signing workflows for sales teams across more than 35 markets.

3. Procurement

Use Cases
Orders and Service Agreements Simplify and speed up the entire procurement document lifecycle with intuitive tools to create, edit and share custom procurement documentation such as order forms and master service agreements. 
Document Conversion Easily convert multiple document formats to and from PDF, including Word and Excel.
Form Creation With a high volume of documents and forms, procurement teams appreciate Nitro’s fast and easy PDF form creation tools whether working from a Word document or a complex scanned form. 
Document eSigning Combine and send any procurement documents - supplier agreements, DPAs, compliance agreements and purchase orders - for eSigning on any device. Reduce agreement mistakes and minimize risk by monitoring changes across the eSigning process with audit trails.  

4. IT

Use Cases
Managing Software Documentation Create, edit, convert and combine software documentation whether internal to share with users or from multiple software vendors.  
Analytics Quantify ROI, track PDF & eSign usage, identify bottlenecks and improve processes and adoption with real-time insights in Nitro Analytics. Make more informed decisions on scaling licenses
License & User Administration Easily manage all software provisioning in Nitro’s centralized admin portal. 
Support Nitro’s intuitive interface, rapid deployment, 24/7 expert support and change management guidance relieve many support burdens from IT. 

The statistics speak for themselves: Forrester's Total Economic Impact Study on the Nitro Productivity Platform shows how Nitro customers and their IT teams spent 70% less time troubleshooting and managing requests, compared to other PDF and eSign solutions, which translated into $85,107 savings over three years.

5. Legal

Use Cases
Managing Multiple Pages & Documents Convert and combine multiple pages, documents and formats into one secure PDF document. Easily append and extract pages. Organize and share documents by legal matter, person, organization and more. 
Secure, Compliant Signing Get signatures for DPAs and legal agreements in minutes, not weeks, with legally binding and compliant eSignatures. Track changes across all legal documents with audit trails
Custom Branding Ensure trust with external parties with a custom branded eSigning experience. 
Data Protection Protect confidential company legal data and employee data such as names, contact information and social security numbers with Nitro’s advanced security features including encryption, password protection, redaction and whiteout.  

6. Engineering

Use Cases
Document Conversion Convert and combine multiple pages, blueprints, documents and file formats into a universal PDF format. Upload PDF documents into other systems such as SAP. Easily append and extract pages. Organize and share documents by product, project and more.  
Collaboration Provide feedback to other engineers or obtain feedback from anyone in or outside of the organization with collaboration tools such as comments and annotations.  
Measure/Area Tools Engineers can use Nitro’s Measure tool to easily define distance, area and permitter in a PDF document for a set of points based on a scale you define. 

Nitro in action: By equipping teams with Nitro solutions, engineering organization Howden Group enhanced document security and compliance, and improved productivity across the business.

7. Marketing

Use Cases
Vendor Agreements & Onboarding Get agreements signed and new vendors onboarded quickly with automated templates, forms and seamless, secure eSigning
Collaboration Use PDF annotation and sharing tools to keep all teams and partners on track with projects.  
Event Feedback Collect leads, internal feedback and audience data like location, persona and interests with customizable, fillable PDF forms.  

8. Finance/Accounting

Use Cases
Finance Document Workflows Streamline the entire finance document workflow with intuitive and easy-to-use PDF tools. Create, edit, convert and combine finance documents such as invoices, orders, expenses, receipts, pay slips and financial reports. 
Document Archiving Safely archive any financial documents to be viewed and reproduced years from now. It is easy in Nitro to create PDF/A compliant files from PDF, Word or a scanned document. 
Document Security Protect sensitive company and employee data using security features such as whiteout, password protection and redaction. Ensure tamper-proof documents with custom watermarks.  
Cost Savings/ROI Nitro Analytics helps finance teams quantify ROI and cost savings so they are making smart, informed decisions. 

In need of some inspiration? Read how one financial services customer scaled the adoption of digital document workflows at one-third of the cost compared to their prior tool.

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