What to Know About a Contract for Services

If you offer any kind of professional services, you generally need a contract to protect your interests. Contracts also spell out what you're offering to your clients, so everyone knows where they stand and what's expected of them.

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With a contract for services template, you have the opportunity to start with structure, and then just fill in the blanks that relate to your specific type and level of service. Here are some of the most important areas to consider, with this type of contract.

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When you choose a contract for services template, you'll be getting a template with a broader range of options. There are many types of professional services, and a template that's too narrow won't address all of them fully. However, even broader options can be very valuable. Here, we'll talk about:

  • Important Clauses in a Services Template
  • Best Practices You'll Want to Consider
  • Tips for Creating a Secure Contract
  • Advice to Fill Out the Template
  • Key Considerations
  • Additional Information

Important Clauses in a Services Template

When your service business is hired, you'll need to make sure all the details are spelled out and agreed to. That can include everything from the parties to the agreement, to how much you're paid. Here are some of the most important areas for main clauses, within a contract for services template.

1. Type(s) of Service(s) -- The kinds of services you perform need to be spelled out clearly, so clients don't expect more than you've agreed to.

2. Fees and Payment Schedules -- How much you're being paid, and when, are both crucial elements of a contract for services.

3. Timelines and Due Dates -- Your clients need to know when they'll receive their deliverables, and you need to know a deadline for completion.

4. Ownership of Finished Product -- If you're transferring copyright or intellectual property, for example, final ownership of the end result of your service should be noted.

5. Commissions or Additional Considerations -- If you're receiving a commission, or there are additional details regarding your service, they should be a part of the contract, as well.

The Best Practices for a Contract for Services

The template your company chooses is very important, because it contains a lot of the legal language and information you'll need. But you also have to fill in the blanks for a lot of areas, since there are so many different services. Since you want to feel secure with your contract for services template, be sure you're considering:

  • All the included legal language that applies to service contracts.
  • Spaces for details of the service, payments, responsibilities, deliverables, and more
  • Any specific requirements for the type of service business you own.

Your clients need to know what they're getting and what they can expect. The right contract for services template will make that a lot easier for everyone involved.

Tips to Provide a Secure Contract for Services

To provide security after you've filled out your contract for services template, you can send the contract electronically and get it signed that same way. When you use Nitro Sign for your important contracts and documents you and your clients both have more peace of mind.

Advice to Complete Your Services Contract

To complete your contract for services, remember that the details really matter. There are so many different types of services that can be performed, that your template will likely have broad terms. You'll be narrowing it down through the information you provide, so take care that you've completed everything fully.

Key Considerations When Completing a Contract for Services

If you're a service business that needs a contract template, you have some particular considerations to address. You need the right wording, of course, but it goes beyond that. Some service businesses are more detailed or specific than others. Be sure your contract is offering:

  • Wording that's focused on the particular service you're providing.
  • Attention to all the details of the transaction itself.
  • Security for your clients, and for your company.
  • Any additional legal considerations for the type of service you're contracted for.

With the right contract for services template, you have the best opportunity to protect your company's interests, and still help your client feel comfortable with the contract, as well.

Additional Information and Resources

It's rarely a bad thing to have more knowledge, and that's especially true where contracts are concerned. If you're a service business, and need a contract for services template, there are some great options for additional information. Here are a few to consider.

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