Important Clauses in Contract Amendments

Once you have a contract with someone, you may think that it can't be changed, but that's not actually the case. With a contract amendment, you can make adjustments and ensure that everyone agrees to the changes. For example, a remodeling contractor may need an amendment when a homeowner wants to change the scope of the project. A catering contractor could need one, when the guest list suddenly doubles.

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Here are some of the most important things to consider, when looking for a contract amendment template.

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A contract amendment template isn't the same thing as a template for the original contract. Amendments need to be handled separately, but they still have to reference the contract and make sure they aren't leaving things out. That helps keep them valid, and makes them part of the contract going forward. To understand how that works and why it matters, this article will cover:

  • Important Clauses
  • Best Practices
  • Tips for Security
  • Key Considerations
  • Sources of Information

When you create a contract amendment, one of the most important things you'll do with it is include the right types of clauses. Most of the main clauses for the contract were already included in the original, so the contract amendment template will be all about the "extras" or the changes that need made. That means the clauses could vary a lot, depending on what the original contract was for. Still, there are some clauses that may be more common.

  1. Forgotten Provisions -- If something was left out of the original contract, it can be added as an amendment to correct the problem.
  2. Changes to Scope -- Materially changing the scope of the project needs an amendment, to make sure everyone is in agreement on the changes.
  3. Additional Needs -- Adding to the original plan? That's a great time for an amendment, which sets out the expectations for the contracted work.

By focusing on the clauses in the contract amendment template, you'll feel confident that you've covered any changes to the contract that need to be made. That will help your client feel confident, as well, no matter what they've contracted with you for.

Best Practices for a Contract Amendment

As you choose a contract amendment template, consider that there's not a lot of specific, legal language to be included. There's some, but most of it will be in the original contract itself. An amendment is typically much shorter, and only focused on one or two areas where additions, updates, or changes are needed. For a solid contract amendment, make sure to:

  • Keep the legal language that's included in the template.
  • Be clear which areas of the contract are being amended.
  • Spell out all of the specifics, and don't allow for any guesswork.
  • Point out that everything else in the contract remains legal and binding.

Your clients need to know what to expect, and a strong contract amendment template can make adjustments much easier.

Tips for Providing a Secure Contract Amendment

Sending the contract amendment electronically is the best way to make it as secure as you can. To do that, you can use Nitro Sign to get signatures on your important contracts and contract amendments. It's quick, secure, and easy, and you'll have a record of the signatures in case there are any problems later.

Key Considerations When Amending a Contract

If your company needs a contract amendment template, there's generally a good reason for it. Whether you have a construction company, a catering business, a retail establishment, or any other kind of business, if you have contracts you need to be able to have amendments, too. Make sure that amendment offers:

  • Direct wording.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Security for your business.
  • Proper legal considerations.

With a contract amendment template, you can give yourself and your client peace of mind. The changes will be easier to make, and everyone involved will feel confident in the updates. That's a great way to help people feel better about your business, and also make sure you're protecting your interests in case there's a problem with the agreed-upon work in the future.

Sources of Additional Information

Learning more is a great way to make sound choices for your company, and also show your clients that you value them with understanding of how to handle issues with your contracts. Here are some good resources to take a look at, so you can amend your contracts more easily.

Amending an Existing Contract
How to Amend a Contract

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