Nitro and Sofico are pleased to announce the successful integration of Nitro's eSignatures solution with Sofico’s leasing & fleet management software Miles.
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Succesful integration in Miles

This marks another achievement in the cooperation between both companies to provide value added solutions which enable Miles’ clients to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Nitro’s powerful document authoring and generation module was already integrated and deployed to Miles’ clients earlier. A key benefit of the Nitro documents solution is that it puts business users in control of document templates. Combined with Miles’ flexibility in configuring document outputs, this greatly enhances business agility when it comes to adding new types of documents or making changes to existing ones.

Building on positive feedback from clients, both companies decided to take the next step and also integrate digital signatures capability with Miles, now made available to its users (as of release 2015.2).

With the Nitro eSignatures integration, Miles users can invite prospects or customers to complete and sign documents and contracts with just a few simple clicks. Digital signatures are obtained in a secure and legal manner. Depending on the type of electronic signature chosen by the Miles user, they can provide complete non-repudiation.

The Nitro eSignatures solution has been integrated with the software in such a way that it is geared towards security, compliance and above all user-friendliness for all parties involved: for the employees initiating the signing-process from within Miles, and especially for the expected signatories (dealers, customers…).

A careless customer journey is guaranteed, without complicated installation procedures. An intuitive wizard guides the involved parties through the signing process, ensuring transparency and simplicity for the end user. This results in a high user adoption rate.

On a technical level, security, compliance and performance were key requirements. In short, no compromises were made to offer the most secure, user-friendly and performant all-in-one solution to Miles’ clients in the automotive finance and leasing market.

Sofico specializes in software solutions for automotive finance, leasing, fleet and mobility management companies. Headquartered in Belgium with branches in Australia, Japan and France, Sofico proudly serves clients in 20+ countries on 4 continents. More than 1 million contracts are being managed with Miles.

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