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4 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Review Your PDF Software Vendor

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See how one leading business increased efficiency and cut costs just by switching their PDF software investment.

Without a doubt, it has been a year of disruption. From recession talks to inflation to market volatility, organizations are feeling the impact globally.

IT Managers in particular have been feeling the pressure. They’re faced with evolving ways of working, distributed teams, soaring demand for document and PDF productivity tools and constant budget uncertainties. On top of that, software vendors don’t always give them the flexibility or scalability they require.

In this article, we look at how IT Managers can take a proactive approach by evaluating their PDF software vendors and how they are effectively meeting their business needs. You’ll also learn how insurance organization, Assurance, saved costs and increased value by switching to Nitro.

Rising Technology Needs and Limited Budgets Are Challenging IT Leaders

IT Managers are competing with an increased need to reduce printing and support more remote workers while reducing costs. However, restrictive license counts and prohibitive agreements often force organizations to limit the number of users in order to stay within budget. High costs and complexity of some PDF vendors are a constant source of frustration for leaders.

Gartner has predicted worldwide IT spending to grow in 2023 by 6.1%. While this appears to be positive news, it needs to be viewed in the context of rising inflation and supply chain costs across the IT space, as well as the ever-growing need for software to drive business outcomes.

IT leaders need to ensure their unique business needs are being met by any investments. The first step in breaking down these barriers is evaluation.

4 Reasons Why Now Is the Optimal Time to Review Your PDF Investment

Assessing your organization’s vendors regularly is an important practice. It helps you review priorities, determine options and ask important questions. Are you aligning with business goals? What challenges are you trying to overcome? Do you see your vendor as a long-term strategic partner?

Your PDF vendor is certainly no exception. Let’s take a closer look at why there’s no time like the present to start evaluating your vendor, so more of your users can experience the value PDF solutions offer.

1. Today’s Teams Are More Dispersed, and Digital

Remote and hybrid work is here to stay, and PDF tools continue to be a secret weapon for the workforce. IT leaders must be able to empower teams to work where they want, on the device of their choice. PDF vendors should make it easy for organizations to successfully enable digitization through device flexibility and simple activation, with minimal budget and administration barriers.

2. PDF Productivity Tools Are in Demand

More and more organizations are seeing the value PDF technology can bring. From greater productivity to increased security, PDF solutions are indispensable in helping people stay connected, anytime, anywhere. PDF vendors need to provide more flexible licenses, less restrictive agreements and fairer pricing so IT can empower more teams to experience these benefits.

3. User Experience Matters More Than Ever

Organizations are using more tools and technology than ever before. With any change project, positive user adoption is key to success. After all, investing in the best technology is only the first step. Your people must embrace it. That’s why IT Managers should prioritize vendors that offer a customer-centric approach, including change management resources and support.

4. Environmental Awareness Is Heightening

CEOs and CIOs alike see sustainability as a top business priority. It's pretty simple: when more people in your organization use PDF tools instead of printing, you reduce waste and minimize carbon footprint. However, reliable data is also required to demonstrate this value. IT should maximize the use of PDF tools across the business and prioritize software vendors who provide visibility and analytics to measure impact on productivity, sustainability and return on investment.

How Moving to Nitro Helped One Business Increase Efficiency and Cut Costs

Global insurance leader, Assurance, experienced similar challenges. They needed to equip more employees with the right PDF tools to drive productivity across the business.

Their existing licensing agreement with Adobe was too expensive, so Assurance's IT leaders were on the search for an affordable solution that could scale with them. By making the switch to Nitro PDF Pro, the business saved over $100,000. Not only that, employees loved Nitro's seamless onboarding experience and easy-to-use interface.

Jim Maza | VP of IT

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