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What Is Document Management?

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Learn about the benefits of electronic document management and how to streamline processes for a smooth transition to going paperless.

Document management is the process or system of digitally collecting, tracking and storing electronic versions of paper documents using PDFs, word processing files and digital images.

Often in the form of software, document management helps companies transition away from traditional paper-based processes and physical document workflows, like filing cabinets, to more efficient practices like SharePoint Online that optimize costs and save employees' time.

Benefits of Digital Document Management

In Nitro’s 2022 Productivity Report, 50% of respondents said they’re using physical documents and paper-based processes less since the start of the pandemic.

As businesses accelerate digital transformation initiatives and go paperless, a system to store, organize and manage the hundreds, thousands and sometimes millions of electronic documents is essential to avoid a mess or data loss. Even more vital may be partnering with a document management professional to ensure you successfully optimize your processes and digitally transform your business.

Here are some of the critical benefits of comprehensive digital document management:

Easier Indexing

Digitalizing document management makes searching for and retrieving documents easier, helping you stay on task and save valuable time.

Version Control

Document management provides a complete document history, helping you control versions. It outlines every transition and revision a record has been through, giving you a map of how the document came to be in its current state and why it looks the way it does now.

More Security

The ability to manage access and editing rights via electronic document management increases security, helping you protect sensitive information.

TIP: A document management process can also integrate eSignatures– a secure, computerized and legally-binding method for replacing handwritten signatures. eSigning is another big, beneficial way of going paperless.

Audit Trails

Audit trails give you a window into who made changes to the document at each step of its evolution, enhancing your quality control.

Start Managing Your Documents Digitally

Every business that creates or relies on documentation, regardless of industry, needs a robust management process for that documentation. Mountains of paper don’t do you any good if you can’t access what you need when you need it.

The next step to getting a handle on your document library is implementing a digital document management solution like SharePoint, Azure IP or iManage.

With a new electronic document management system in place, you'll need PDF technology that works with it efficiently. That's where Nitro can help.

Paperless Productivity With Nitro

The Nitro Productivity Platform integrates with your SharePoint, Azure IP or iManage sites, keeping all your documents in a single location while bringing end-to-end eSigning functionality.

With this simple tool, you can increase productivity through streamlined processes and eliminate the issue of duplicate records in multiple locations.

Ready to go paperless and embrace digital document management?

Contact us today to set up a demo and explore how Nitro’s Productivity Platform can help you optimize your workflows.