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Discover how manufacturers add efficiency, security and profitability with digital transformation solutions like PDF and eSign.

Manufacturing has been experiencing a bit of an upheaval the last few years. From COVID-19 unraveling supply chains to the influence of consumerization, manufacturing organizations are forced to evolve in more ways than one. The ability to stay nimble in the face of unforeseen global catastrophes is now the name of the game. Simultaneously, manufacturers find themselves needing to cater to a consumer purchasing style that has infiltrated the B2B landscape.

How can manufacturers tackle all this and maintain profitability?

The answer lies in digital transformation, with digitizing manufacturing documents specifically a key component. Faster, more efficient digital document solutions like PDF and eSign can help introduce efficiencies in your value chain that every manufacturer desperately needs in today’s competitive, economically unstable environment.

Here we reveal specific use cases for digital documentation in manufacturing and several of the vital benefits this brings to the industry.

Manufacturing Firms Can’t Stall on Adopting Digital Transformation
How Do I Pick the Right Digital Transformation Partner?
Use Cases for PDF, eSign & Digital Documentation in Manufacturing
Why Nitro as a Digital Transformation Partner?
Start Your Digital Transformation Today

Manufacturing Firms Can’t Stall on Adopting Digital Transformation

Manufacturing operations are only getting more complex. And more complexity often means more paperwork. By digitizing manufacturing documents, you inherently begin simplifying your complicated manufacturing processes. You can better manage large volumes of files, speed up approvals and make contract management easy with solutions like PDF and eSign. These improvements bring you a level of cost-effectiveness you will never get with paper-based processes.

With much of your time freed from paper and its associated burdens, you’ll shorten processing times allowing you to do more in less time, reduce errors and increase productivity. The right digital transformation strategy will give every staff member more of their day back—allowing them to fulfill the role they were hired for instead of processing paperwork. And reduced mistakes mean less-stagnated workflows, helping you avoid bottlenecks and improve overall efficiency in your supply chain.

You’ll also see more reliant compliance and security. While you may think your legacy systems of filing papers are the only way to ensure security, the opposite is true. In today’s highly regulated environment, you cannot afford to risk lost or damaged paperwork. PDF and eSign solutions keep all documents safe and compliant—with the right vendor.

Learn more about high-trust eSigning in our Ultimate Guide to Electronic Signatures.

Finally, you’ll adapt to change quickly if you choose the right partner for your digital transformation. The right one will do all of the above while giving you easy access to your files from one place—available on multiple devices from any location with an internet connection. You’ll no longer be bound to physical limitations of paper.

How Do I Pick the Right Digital Transformation Partner?

If you’ve decided to make the move to digitalize your manufacturing processes, congratulations. You’re on your way to a stronger bottom line. There are some signs to watch for when evaluating the right document, PDF and eSign vendor, though. Here are the top considerations:

  • Support should not be an expensive add-on. Look for providers that make dedicated customer service and success a built-in part of their offering without a high-cost entry point.
  • There should be no surprise fees. The right vendor will be upfront about pricing and not ding you with extra charges when you suddenly need to shift gears.
  • Make sure you get a real trial. It might be free, but is it adequate? Seek a vendor who will let you truly test their solution for an extended period with no restrictions to ensure it’s a right fit.

Questions about where to start with digital transformation? Contact Nitro’s manufacturing experts today.

Use Cases for PDF, eSign & Digital Documentation in Manufacturing

Here’s how real manufacturers are leveraging digital documents to transform their operations.

Automate Multi-Party Collaboration

You often find yourself conducting projects that involve suppliers, stakeholders from various businesses, employees and many moving parts. The receipts, invoices and contracts that need to be managed among these participants can leave room for error if managed manually. Automation in digital documentation means you get an easy way to ensure documents are sent to the right people and stored properly after they’ve completed their journey. You’ll also simplify agreements and approvals with electronic signature capabilities.

Develop Training and User Documentation Faster

Items like technical documentation, operating instructions and user manuals are vital to your operation but often take so long to finalize. With manual ways of reviewing, editing and approving these essential documents, you stall their completion and publishing. Digital PDFs help expedite the drafting of these documents and enable you to disseminate them more quickly to the folks that need them to get their jobs done.

Make Sustainability a Part of Your Business

Buyers are increasingly interested in buying from manufacturers that have either sustainably produced products or have committed to sustainable practices in one way or another. For manufacturers to be competitive in today’s environment dictated by consumer-based ideologies, they need to embrace some level of sustainability. A smart digital transformation strategy ensures you reduce paper waste and shrink your carbon footprint as a business.

Why Nitro as a Digital Transformation Partner?

Nitro offers several differentiators in the landscape of digital document solutions:

Relentless Security and Compliance Measures

67% of the Fortune 500 trust Nitro. We know manufacturers have many industry standards to adhere to—and security concerns as data breaches grow in volume and venom. Nitro was designed from the ground up with strict security practices and policies that keep all your documents safe and your business compliant. We protect the data of more than 1.5 million business customers worldwide.

Nitro was voted one of the best eSignature software platforms on the market by GigaOm for its high-trust security and compliance. Get your complimentary copy of the 2023 Radar Report to see the full review.

A Unique Pilot Program for an All-Encompassing Digital Document Solution

Nitro’s no-risk pilot program is an extended excursion deep into our Nitro Productivity Platform. Your team gets to test, probe and evaluate the ways our all-in-one PDF, eSign and analytics solution enables you to complete workflows faster while you settle into your digital transformation. If you decide to go with Nitro, your onboarding will be rapid and your ROI clear.

Change Management Tailored to Today’s Manufacturer

We believe in forging relationships for the long haul, which is why Nitro’s change management and support team commits designated people to your organization to ensure the smooth transition to our solutions. We help you get your team on board and we stay alongside you for training. With our integrations and powerful APIs, the sting of change will be lessened as your team does not need to give up its current systems in order to start benefitting from Nitro right away.

Respect for Your Budget

As part of our commitment to a longstanding relationship based on trust, Nitro commits to working with your budget and respecting your expectations. We do not treat customers like transactions, and instead work to ensure they are fully aware of pricing with transparency that is distinct in this market. You’ll never be hit with surprise fees with Nitro.

You’ll also be able to demonstrate ROI of your Nitro solution with our analytics tools that come with Nitro’s Productivity Platform. Our analytics product helps you measure productivity and see usage across your Nitro suite by capturing relevant data and optimizing adoption. By tracking usage across your Nitro products, you can remove bottlenecks and improve performance. You’ll also be able to automatically calculate savings and see where you’re having an environmental impact by having gone paperless.


Workflow Optimization Across All Manufacturing Document Types

Leverage Nitro’s Productivity Platform as a single solution to streamline workflows for the following:

  • Invoices
  • Purchase Orders
  • Work Orders
  • Procurement & BOMs
  • Approvals
  • Receipts
  • Specifications
  • RFPs
  • Process Documents
  • User Manuals
  • Technical Documentation
  • Operating Instructions

Start Your Digital Transformation Today

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