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How to Sign a Digital Document in Minutes with Nitro PDF Pro

Sign a Digital Document with Nitro PDF Pro

Getting your PDFs signed is easy with Nitro PDF Pro. Learn how with this helpful step-by-step guide.

Someone urgently needs your signature to complete an order, sign a lease or accept a job. You scramble to find a printer, get a hard copy of your document, apply your signature, scan the document to your computer and send it off. Sound familiar?

Thanks to electronic signatures, there is a much easier way to do things.

Goodbye Pen and Paper, Hello eSignatures

Electronic signatures allow you to sign digital documents, anywhere, anytime. They’re a legally binding and enforceable solution in almost every part of the world.

Learning how to add eSignatures with Nitro PDF Pro’s powerful QuickSign tool will help you keep your workflows efficient and your documents secure. Follow these simple steps to get started.

How To Sign Documents with Nitro PDF Pro

1. Open your document in Nitro PDF Pro.

2. On the main Home tab choose the QuickSign option and select Create New Signature.

3. Choose from one of the four secure signing methods:

  • Handwritten: type out your signature
  • From File: upload an image of your signature
  • Draw: using a touchpad or mouse, draw out your signature
  • Web Cam: capture an image of your signature using a blank white piece of paper

4. Click Ok, navigate to the section where you want to place your signature and left click. You can resize the signature by dragging and dropping the squares on the box.

5. Your signature can be easily accessed again via the QuickSign menu.

Watch this quick tutorial video to see it in action:

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Video Companion
Nitro PDF Pro: Signing Documents with QuickSign

How to Add Multiple Signers with Nitro Sign Essentials

Need to send your document to other recipients for signing? Just follow these steps:

1. On the Home menu choose the Request Signature option.


2. You’ll be prompted to open Nitro Sign Essentials.

3. Once signed in, a pop-up asking to Add a Recipient will appear.


4. Enter the recipient's Name (optional) and Email (required) and select Add.

5. If you would like to add more than one signer to the signature request, click Add Recipient in the Signers panel and enter the details.


6. You can also edit or remove a recipient by clicking the Quick Actions menu button next to the recipient in the Signers panel and selecting the appropriate action from the dropdown.

7. To add signature fields to the document, click on a recipient in the Signers panel, then drag and drop the required field(s) to the appropriate position(s) on the document.

Blog - Inline - 6col - 4.png

8. Once placed, click Continue in the bottom right corner.

Blog - Inline - 6col - 5.png

9. You’ll now have the option to review the document and recipients and customize the signature request email. Here you can also cc additional recipients who will get view-only access to the document and a notification when signing is complete.

10. Click Request Signature to send the document out for signature.

Note: You can create a New Message Template that will appear in the email for the signature request. This can be set as the new default or added to your list of message layouts to select from in the future:

a) Click on Layouts
b) Click New Message Layout
c) Adjust the message template and click Save

Blog - Inline - 6col - 6.png

If you’d like to add an extra layer of security to your signing, Nitro Sign Premium allows you to password protect your signature.

eSign Digital Documents Anytime, Anywhere with Nitro PDF Pro

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